Happy American Thanksgiving

I specify because I have two now.

It’s a little early here. I didn’t sleep at all last night, I figured if I made until 5, and I was still awake, I’d get up. We are heading down to my mom’s this morning. I was hoping to leave by 8. I think I’ll have no problem making that goal. As long as I can get Wil up and going in time.

Here is a list of just some of the things I am grateful for:

  • I’m able to go home for Thanksgiving this year.
  • Someone else is cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Yay mom!
  • pie
  • The cheap gas and the prevalence of Dr Pepper available via soda fountain that I will be enjoying for the next 4 days.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • My husband’s passport, which allows him to travel with me.
  • The diet pepsi that is going to help me make it until I cross the border and have access to the afore mentioned Dr Pepper.
  • And of course friends and family… blah blah blah. Mooshy.

There is so much more. I could make a pretty long list because, for the most part, I am very thankful for my life.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you eat too much pie. I know I plan to.