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Can’t you surprise him in some other way? For example, I’m sure he’d be delightfully taken aback if you cleaned your apartment.

Corner of my desk.

I think I’m spring cleaning. Maybe. The last four days I have spent several consecutive minutes cleaning something, usually to completion. Four days in a row I’ve done this. Would that be considered spring cleaning, and, if not, how many days in a row must I do it before it qualifies. Tomorrow, I’m planning on cleaning out and straightening up the linen closet. I KNOW, RIGHT?

I hope I have not jinxed it by speaking openly about it. I’ve been trying to get rid of things. I’m not going all KonMari here. To be honest, way too many of my possessions “spark joy” in me. Or maybe I’m not quite getting the concept of sparky joy. I think I could brutally clean out my closet. But books, dvd’s, action figures, pens and colored pencils, coloring books, sketch books, fountain pens, tarot decks, bottles of nail polish, board games and cat toys give me way too much joy to get rid of. Isn’t it nice that my music no longer takes up physical space?

I did warn the cats that they had better start sparking joy in me. Ok, no I didn’t. They already do. Now I am going to go look up how to add a black frame around my images to this theme because that’s how much I’ve forgotten. It’s early days.


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