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Under Where

The other day, while I was Christmas shopping, something awkward and uncomfortable happened to me. And it occurred that this is just the type of awkward and uncomfortable thing that I used to blog about. And somehow made it funnier than it really was.

I’m not sure if I can do that this time, I’m rusty. Basically you can blame my attempted return to blogging on my underpants. Which slid down off my butt and down my thighs while I was shopping, hanging on only by the juncture of the two legs of my yoga pants. (I hate the word crotch. It’s ugly. Someone give me a better word, please.) Sure, yes, I tried backing up to a wall and hiking them up, but only a somewhat waddled trip to the washroom would return them to their original position. It was there that I thought about blogging again.

Message received, underpants.



So I’ve moved my blog to WordPress. I did not do it willingly. However, when I was trying to upgrade my MovableType to 5.whatever, I begrudgingly admitted I was no longer technical enough for MT. And nor was I interested in being so.

I did this quietly a couple of months ago. I really did not want to hear I told you so’s from WP users. They are a rabid bunch. I screwed up all my permalinks at the time, so I sort of walked away for a while. Tonight I have fixed them. I’m using a generic theme until I can either recreate my old one, or perhaps design a new one.

I will admit that WordPress has been an ¬†absolute joy to use and explore. While my geek cred took a hit, in my opinion, I’m pleased to have something so simple and beloved by developers.