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Waking up with Momo

Scene: I’m in bed, trying to go back to sleep after Wil left for work. Momo jumps up on the bed and sits on me, sphinx like, and gives me the stare.

Me: What?

Momo: …

Me: Didn’t your dad give you crunchies before he left?

Momo: ….

Me: Hey, it’s not my fault he put them in the water dish. Pretend it’s cereal.

Momo: ….

Me: There is no need for that kind of language.

Momo: ….

Me: Don’t make me roll you off me!

Momo: ….

Me: ok, fine, git off me and I’ll give you new crunchies.

Momo: …..

Me: You’re welcome.

Isn’t it precious how I refer to Wil as her dad? Like the kittens are our children? Don’t you just want to throw up a little?


3 thoughts on “Waking up with Momo

  1. arifa says:

    howie and i were discussing inter-pet relationships the other day. he is dad and i am mom, BUUUUT he referred to percy and nebbish’s girlfriend. i said she’s his wife, but that makes her our daughter-in-law which doesn’t really capture how much we love her.

  2. I’m mama to our two cats, and my husband has been daddy since we got married. I’m not sure why, but there it is. When we added a second cat to the mix, she became the other cat’s sister, even though he tries to mount her regularly. I think we need family counsellings 😛
    (found you through So the Fish Says)

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