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Curiosity, they name is Pru and/or Momo

The kittens are looking at me funny. Probably because I am actually cleaning house. They keep coming over and sniffing about, trying to figure out what I am doing.

I tried to explain to them that the time to come over, all big eyed and kitten curious, is NOT when a trash bag full of two litter boxes worth of excrement and litter ruptures, and THEIR POOP goes spilling out all over the hallway and kitchen.

It really is not the time.


6 thoughts on “Curiosity, they name is Pru and/or Momo

  1. Cats are always in the way when you don’t want them to be. Have you ever tried to exercise on the floor? They’re certainly in your face then! 😛

  2. arifa says:

    it’s not just kittens. nebbish and percy do this every single time i change their litterbox. i have come up with all kinds of clever distractions. it only took me a few years to figure out how to outsmart bunnies. 😛

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