Punching Beavers In The Face

This is a big deal in Canada. The loss of the Hockey Night song. I guess, it’s considered almost a national anthem. I’ve never heard before now.
Nonetheless, when I saw this on the Colbert Report the other night, I watched it 5 times and laughed every time, in the way only an American living in Canada truly could, there was a bit of a snicker to my laughter.

It’s hard to explain why that is so funny to me, given my particular situation. It’s not that anyone is mean to me because I’m American. However, there are times when they discuss America, and Americans, and it makes me feel … engulfed, in a way. It’s somewhat “underdoggish” type of feeling, only not nearly as competitive. I’m not sure I am able to explain it, without making it sound like a US vs. Canada thing.
It’s really more of a foreigner in a foreign land thing. Trying to fit in and find a place for yourself. And one of your own, one of your peeps, comes along and stakes a tiny little claim. While being as stereotypical an American as possible. (American things = waving a gun around. I do enjoy hot dogs, tho.) I imagine a reverse scenario would be as funny to a Canadian living in the US. If Rick Mercer stole the theme to ABC’s Wide World of Sports.
Ok, that show isn’t even on anymore, but it’s the only iconic American Sports Theme I could remember.


Sometimes the Constitution is just one giant headache.

This is very funny to me. Of course, that could be because I am not a Republican. And, I’m not so stupid as to believe everything is this black and white and all Republicans are evil, so don’t bother trying to engage me in a political debate.

Obviously, these last few posts are lame attempts to “blog” without actually putting any work into it. Shame on me. I will try to have some fresh, wordy content for Monday. I’m attempting to restore some kind of structure in my life.