Greetings from sunny Edmonton Alberta

In the spirit of total disclosure, I started this post, and wrote that title, when we were still in Edmonton. We got home late last night. 

A few weeks after Wil was laid off, we went out and bought him a new suit. Originally, we looked for a dark grey, but the suit we found is actually black. We bought two colored shirts and I got to pick out a pretty tie. He looks very handsome in the whole get up. I told him that now he was ready not only for interviews, but for fancy parties, special occasions, weddings and, god forbid, funerals. 
We are in Edmonton for the second funeral of the month. What is up with that? Poor Wil has had a hell of a month, emotionally. It’s the first time he’s lost someone so close to him, let alone two. Enough is a enough, really. I don’t understand why the fates, should there be such a thing, have to focus on the funeral part of my unfortunate comment. Where are the fancy parties, special occasions and weddings. And interviews, most of all, where are the interviews?

3 thoughts on “Greetings from sunny Edmonton Alberta

  1. I’m sorry a funeral brought you to Edmonton.
    I am also tired of funerals, even though I’ve only had to go to one this year. One is more than enough, I believe. I’m not sure I could stand two right now.
    Edmonton is a fine enough city though. People may have told you it’s is dull, but those are the wrong sort of people. It’s where I grew up, and where French Panic did too. So it has got that going for it.
    2009 better not be cursed. There is awful lot left of it.

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