Sims 3, William

Generation gap

Here is what I have been doing. Wil and I are playing the sims together. By together I mean each on our own computers. We are doing a legacy challenge. 

Briefly, the legacy challenge is 10 generations, all created in one house. The game ends the day your 10th generation baby is born. There are certain conditions (you start on a huge lot which leaves you only $1300 and no house. All traits have to be randomly selected.) and rules. You get points for certain things and there is absolutely no cheating. Which is hard for me. 
This has consumed our lives. It’s not a quick game. It takes many many hours to raise ten generation. You get points for being successful in things, like fulfilling life wishes, so it behooves your to raise them well. 
I might be ahead in points, but Wil’s family is far more interesting and tragic. First, even though traits are randomly assigned, his sims have a strange proclivity towards Evil. His sims always seem doomed in some way. Insanity seems to pop up at least once a generation in mine. 
I have made it to the 5th generation. I used to have a family plot of graves out back of my house, but after having 4 different ghosts takes up most of the beds in the house one night (you can’t get them off of them either) I had to move them all to the local graveyard. My sims had bad days the next day due to extreme sleepiness. Stoopid ghosts. 
I’m not kidding when I tell you it has consumed our lives. We’ve had a bunch dinners that have consisted of sandwiches, cereal or “whatever you can find.” So not a lot to blog about unless you want Peabody family updates. If you are interested, you can read about the legacy challenge rules right here
I did do a meme today, however, which I will post right after this. 

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  1. Peabody. Did you name them after someone specific? I finally got my own Mac. Pretty much the only game that looks interesting for a Mac that I don’t already have on PS3 is Sims. Want to get it. But scared of wasting time. 🙂

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