nanowrimo, what i like to do

I need suggestions for my NaNoWriMo 2012 playlist.

Hey, so I decided to NaNoWriMo this year, after talking the last few years off. (And losing the last few years before that. Day two and already I am behind. Yay! Stellar start.

My novel, code name: Frogbottom, is an autobiography of sorts that no one, not anyone, will ever get to read. Including you, mom. It’s really more of a way to get my writing back. I miss it. I’m hoping by the end of November, I’ll have 50,000 words of nonsense and my groove. Back.

Please feel free to suggest any type of music you like except for barbershop (this novel isn’t supposed to be a tragedy.)

what i like to do

You know what I like to do? Pt.1

Sometimes, when I am in the restroom at work with a stressed out Type A person, I like to stand at the sink next to them. And while they wash their hands with rapid efficiency, I like to play around in the stream of water, splashing it around with my fingers, and maybe singing a little la-la song. The looks they give me amuse me. I only do this when I am stuck at the right hand sink, which emits water with the intensity of a small watering can, so it really is more like playing in water rather than washing your hands.