Canada, William

Leaving Town

Wil and I are leaving town for a few days, and we aren’t going to have internet access.
GASP! No, it’s true. We are spending some time on the coast and there is no internet access and no phone. There’s a TV because we aren’t CRAZY.
In the meantime, here are my new granny glasses.
I know what you are thinking, no so different from the old glasses.

But you are wrong cuz these are PROGRESSIVE. And metal frames, rather than plastic.



So I started playing Spore yesterday. I think I lost a good 7 or 8 hours to it. I’m just going to bullet point some thoughts because I am starving and there is no food in the house and I told Wil he could play Spore today when he gets home from work which is in 50 minutes so if I don’t get something out now, it won’t be out today.
Yesterday was a bit of a test game. Wil was sitting with me, and we were trying to figure out all the tricks. Next game I will probably kick more ass.

  • First, MAJOR props to coming out with the Mac version at the same time. On the same disc, in fact. I wish they would do this with Sim releases.
  • My peeps are called the Prubugs, and they are red with black zebra stripes. They are vegetarians. Which just goes to prove what the veggies say, if I had to kill my own meat, I probably wouldn’t eat it. What am I saying, I would totally lean to kill chickens. Maybe. I don’t know.
  • It’s just like Civilization but with Monsters. Well, not just like. But the premise is similar.
  • They have a new authentication process going on, so you need to have an internet connection at least every ten days or so, to re-authenticate. It also means that Wil can’t play it on his computer when I am not playing on mine. It’s not a matter of having the DVD in your drive anymore.
  • Like the Sims, it is occasionally painfully slow. Unplayable slow. Even with everything else on my computer turned off. That’s disappointing.
  • Like Civ, I am a friendly nation, for the most part. In tribal mode, I made friends with the Cyan, Brown, Lavender and Green tribes. But the Pinks pissed me off. I tried to be friends, but they wouldn’t have it. So I DESTROYED THEM.

Anyway, like I said, I’m starving, so I gotta hit the Safeway.