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29 Days of Blog – A 31 Days of Poll

So in December, I am going to watch a Christmas movie every day for the first 25 Days, and all the Harry Potter Movies between Boxing Day and New Years Eve. I know I will be watching Elf, Just Friends, and Scrooged, three of my favorites. But I’m looking for suggestions for other films. 

What are your favorite holiday movies? Bonus points for New Year’s Movies because I doubt it will take me from the 26 to the 31st to watch all the Harry Potter Movies, I tend to binge those when I watch them. I love the magical world of Hogwart’s.


3 thoughts on “29 Days of Blog – A 31 Days of Poll

  1. LisaLoon says:

    Along with Scrooged I try and watch these every year: White Christmas, the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon (whatever it’s called), and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

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