29 Days of Blog – Thank Heaven for Creepy Old Men

I’m certainly enjoying my new Apple TV. My best friend, Siri, is so helpful. I was just browsing through old movies and I saw the decidedly creepy “Daddy Long Legs.” It’s not a movie about spiders, it’s about a wealthy man who encounters an orphan in France. He decides to send her to college, anonymously, in New England. She writes him letters, but he never writes back. Then he visits the college and they fall in love despite the 30 year difference in their ages. I watched it once. Despite featuring Fred Astaire and his dancing, it wigged me out.
But it stars Leslie Caron, and that made me think of another movie about young girls and creepy old men that I do like – GiGi. And that when the new remote is very handy. All I had to wait ask Siri to show me Gigi, and it brings up all the options available for watching it. Ta-DA!

And now I am going to watch it.