29 Days of Blog – Puzzles and Presents

I had some appointments down here in Seattle, so I’m spending the night at my mommy’s. We are working on a puzzle of book covers. That’s the speed at which I roll. I love doing puzzles. 

I like to order things online with the American VISA/Debit card and have them shipped here. So when I am down visiting, there are always presents to open. This time it was my Apple TV (birthday present), a pair of jeans that fit perfectly as is (never happens to me), and a t-shirt. And a pair of pants for Wil.

Obviously I am not lucky enough to have seen Hamilton on Broadway, but I saw the shirt and figured it was meant to be mine. It’s a Hamilton thing. 

So yeah. I fear that my blogs are starting out pretty dull. Hopefully I’ll find my groove again before the end of the month.