Party at my parents’ house! Whoooooooo!

I’m staying at my parents house alone this weekend, while I play with my friends. They are on a trip, and Wil is back home in New West. I just sent them the following email reply to the request that I water the plants on the patio.

No problem. 🙂

And, by the way, I did not have a heart attack when I got up at 5:15 am to tinkle this morning, and saw a light was on in the office, a light I did not turn on before I went to bed. Oh, no, I simply did my business and then ran back to bed and pulled the covers up over my head and prayed to baby jebus to take me in the rapture before the guy, who was obviously in the office googling “murder,” could come and kill me.

I’m so having a boy/girl kegger tonight, your house is scary!