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Dinner – it may not be pretty, but it’s delicious.

ingrediants.jpg We are starting a new, healthier, diet when Labor Day is over. Naturally, we are spending the rest of the weekend eating all the foods we won’t be allowing ourselves to enjoy after the holiday. macaroni.jpg
Personally, this means enjoying a few, final, Tiny Cherry Pies from the Safeway bakery down the block. And bread. For Wil, I think it might mean a final six pack of beer, and the sliced pizza at the crappy mall he eats for lunch. Last night, I made the ultimate in evil foods: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese. cheesey.jpg
Delectable, but also deadly. That is a heart attack in a pan. It’s also the best thing you will ever eat, as long as you like cheese. And probably the most delicious thing I know how to cook. Fee originally taught me how to make this dish. The original recipe is from Alton Brown, but we’ve altered it to make it even more deadly, but replacing half the milk called for with sour cream. There is a pound of sharp cheddar and a cup and a half of sour cream in there. Also, I salt my boiling water with garlic salt instead of kosher salt. Cuz I’m crazy like that.
How can something be so good and so bad at the same time? Oh, it could be worse. Alton suggests saving leftovers to deep fry the next day. For reals. Fee and I did that ONE time. It was heavenly. I think we felt at least 3 years of our life slipping away after that meal. Yummmmm.
Tonight we are having french fries.


10 thoughts on “Dinner – it may not be pretty, but it’s delicious.

  1. Vanwall says:

    MMMMMMM. Send all your un-healthy stuff to me, thank you, especially that mac-the-knife looking deadly concoction – oh, and the beer, too – I’ve lived too long a dissolute life and I wish to go out in blaze of cheesy goodness.

  2. T. Mama says:

    Mac and cheese is love.
    I actually once saw Paula Deen (who I cannot stand) not only deep-fry mac and cheese…she actually cut squares, wrapped them in bacon and battered them first.
    I’m planning to start walking in the evenings after Labor Day. Of course, that plan is going to have to wait until Gustav gets done throwing rain at us…

  3. I’ll take a double helping, please.
    Oh, and send me some deep-fried love too, if you get the chance.
    If you’re wondering, Mellow Chaos brought me here…..

  4. Every time I am out and see a little fruit pie (doesn’t matter which kind) I think of you and your fascination with the little cherry pies from um…Safeway? I don’t remember the store, but think of you I do. And not in THAT way, gross!

  5. arifa says:

    i was just thinking of you these past few daus and here you are talking about our mac and cheese adventures! it;s nice to know thay the uberbrain still binds us subconsciously even though little bitty is taking up all of my conscious brain for now. I MISS YOU!!!

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