4 thoughts on “Seriously? Rosa Parks? Come on…

  1. I stopped by Satan’s Book Club just the other day.
    Well, most likely August 3rd when I followed the Goodreads link.
    I’m currently reading “Oh Shit, It’s Jesus,” which may or may not set off the fundies.
    Stephen Mitchell’s “What Jesus Really Said and Did” (and that may not be the dead-on title) would certainly trouble some.

  2. omg! i totally wanted to harass you about satan’s bookclub again, you know, without the “harass” part. my heart wants it!
    my heart wants it so bad, i visited the other day too and there was whingeing. lots of it.
    and i hearby solemnly swear to uphold my end of whatever to ensure it is current and that i participate fully.

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