photo, William

Ooops, I did it again.

I’ve often joked that the sole purpose of mobile twittering is to take pictures of what you are eating, and send it out in a tweet. Not long ago I sent this picture I took with my iPhone.


Here comes my only problem with the iPhone so far. I was scrolling through my camera roll last night and there they were, those lovely buffalo wings. I flashed the picture to Wil and remarked how tasty they looked. He agreed, but he might have been referring to the frosty beer in the background. So, because I’m sometimes made up entirely of id, guess what we had for dinner yesterday?


My iPhone makes me hungry. It makes me want things. It won’t take no for an answer.


6 thoughts on “Ooops, I did it again.

  1. Luckily I am currently stuffed after eating a baked potato. With: pastrami, butter, swiss chees, and sour cream. Need to keep the baby happy, right?

  2. T. Mama says:

    I’m all about the id. It makes for good times. 🙂
    It’s that pesky super-ego that goes and spoils all the fun.
    And now I’ve got a boneless wing craving.

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