Sims 3, WoW

Talking about it is not the same as playing it.

blog_Tang.jpgOh god, you guys. My hunter is level 79 and 3.5 bubbles. That means I am 16.5 bubbles away from 80, the level cap. Also, she is no longer Tangwen, but Tangwen the Explorer. Since I have explored every inch of the world of World of Warcraft, I have a title. I would not quit until I got my ability to fly in Northrend (lvl 77) and finished exploring the world to get my title. And a special tabard.

And, oh yeah, I can MAKE FLYING CARPETS, bitches! This is not a super fast one, I have to save up 5,000 gold to get the ability to fly super fast. 
So, maybe you are asking yourselves, what are you going to do, Jodi, when you reach 80, and have saved up 5,000 gold and can fly super fast? Doesn’t matter, because the Sims 3 comes out in a week and I’ll have a whole new obsession. I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait!