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Do you like books? Satan does. Pssst… this is my Monday Announcement

I love to read and I do it a lot. I also like to go to readings and book signings, something I used to do more often when I lived in the states.I used to read a lot of book blogs as well. And all of these activities led to creating Satan’s Bookclub with Louise. I created it, did a couple of reviews, but I let it slide. I don’t remember why. Probably met a boy online or something. wink wink.

In the last few months, I’ve been thinking about bringing it back. Suddenly, it was a week before Banned Book Week (the original inspiration for the site) and I jumped in and redesigned it.
With the exception of reading books, I feel that I have ignored the intellectual pie piece of my umm… life pie. I’m not learning anything, or using my brain overly much. That is evidenced by my lackluster blogging, for one. Satan’s Bookclub will, I hope, renew my deeper interest in books and book news, as well as force me to to think and articulate my opinions on the books I read.
In other words, I am going to exercise my brain. If you are unfamiliar with Satan’s Bookclub, you can read it’s history and manifesto here. Please stop on by.


Don’t talk about the books again. You get all… And sometimes there’s drool.

Today marks the beginning of the ALA Banned Book Week. In honor of this, I will have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday.

Ok, maybe it’s not that BIG, I don’t know. It could take off and be cool. Or it could whither and die, you never know with me. I don’t want to set you up only to see you disappointed. And, frankly, I don’t need the pressure. It would suck if you were expecting AMAZING and what you got was PRETTY COOL, you know?
Let’s just say there will be a FAIR SIZED ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday and see how it goes from there, ok?


Dear So and So…

Dear So and So...

Dear uterus,

Stop it. Just stop it. You know what I am talking about.


Dear allergies,
See above letter to uterus.
Mouth Breathing,

Dear Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding In My Fridge,

I’m coming to git you!

Dear Canada,

I like you. Do you like me? Let’s be friends! Please… just let me in.. I promise you won’t be sorry.

Living in my home, but not my native land,


Dear Thursday Night Season Premieres,

Were you good? Were you exciting? Were you everything I hoped you’d be? I don’t know. I can’t watch you yet because Wm. is having a PS3 Marathon Party with his buddy visiting from the island. I won’t be able to watch you until Sunday.

That goes for you too, Dollhouse.

He’s just lucky he didn’t do this on Monday,
Wellness Wheel, Wellness Wheel: Financial

Due to budget cuts we had to sell the plastic skeleton and replace it with this Halloween costume. Also, the class trip to Italy is now “Spaghetti Night” in the school cafeteria, and your $1500 deposit is non refundable. Goodnight!

Wellness-Wheel-Financial-.png By far, one of my biggest issues to address is my financial situation. I should say our financial situation. We’ve both been unemployed for months. We have no idea when I will be able to work and living on one unemployment check is not easy. So not easy that we are not doing it. We are draining our reserves.

I desperately need to acknowledge the difference between necessity and luxury. I’m bad at that. For years I pretty much bought what I wanted, within reason of course. But if I wanted a book, I bought it. If I wanted a dvd, I bought it. If I wanted a trip to the spa, I went.

I very much want a trip to the spa right now. But I am not going. I cannot say I am as careful with books. DAMN YOU KINDLE FOR THE iPHONE! (and bless you. Books on demand wherever I am? This is the future I always dreamt of)

That is not my only problem, however. In addition to watching unnecessary spending, I need to find a way to be smarter about the money we do need to spend. Primarily, I figure, on food. With that in mind…

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a book about budgeting, for someone who is terrible with money? Something simple?

Wellness Wheel

Rolling right along.

I mentioned last week that I had a lot of plans in the works. So many, you’d think I was crazy. But it’s all part of one big plan. Well, this is that plan.

The Wellness Wheel.


Ta-da! Google Wellness Wheel and you’ll find lots of different descriptions, but it all leads to the same idea: a life of balance. I’ve seen wheels with different descriptions in their pie pieces, some say “Career” instead of “Intellectual,” and some only have 6 slices. For me, I went with the one I saw on my alma mater’s website. I prefer the emphasis on my intellect, rather than just my career.

Financial – Accessing the resources and skills that allow you to accomplish your goals

  • Developing skills to manage resources.
  • Planning for future needs.
  • Learning to spend wisely.
  • Living on a budget.

Spiritual – A positive perception of the meaning and purpose of life.

  • Participating in spiritual activities, however you define them.
  • Respecting your individuality and allowing yourself to grow and change.
  • Being open to different cultures, religions and philosophies.
  • Reflecting on your life, perhaps spending time to meditate daily.

Emotional – Possession of a secure self-identity and a positive sense of self-regard; also the ability to cope with and/or improve unpleasant mood states.

  • Keeping a positive attitude.
  • Being sensitive to your feelings and the feels of others.
  • Learning to cope with stress. Being realistic about your expectation.
  • Taking responsibility for your own behavior.
  • Viewing challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Intellectual – Exploring and developing your intellect.

  • Exploring what interests you; opening yourself up to new experiences.
  • Developing active listening skills.
  • Leaning because want to – not because you are told to.
  • Learning through varied experiences and media.
  • Listening; observing what’s around you.
  • Questioning.

Physical – A perception and expectation of physical health.

  • Exercising regularly; living an active life.
  • Developing an awareness of your eating and drinking habits and how they impact your health.
  • Getting regular check-ups.
  • Eating healthy.

SocialParticipating in positive social relationships, including friends, family, community and work groups.

  • Respecting and honoring diversity; developing and understanding and appreciating differences.
  • Contributing your time and energy to activities within your community.
  • Learning to constructively express ideas and opinions.
  • Developing friendships.
  • Budgeting and balancing your time to include both responsibilities and relaxation.
  • Being comfortable with and liking yourself as a person

EnvironmentalDeveloping an awareness of the environment that surrounds you, and enhancing your relationship with it.

  • Finding satisfaction and worth in your working and living environments.
  • Working to ensure the stability and longevity of our natural resources.
  • Ensuring that your work environment and relationships are comfortable.
  • Being aware of your place in the natural environment. 

If you picture your life like a wheel, it will only roll along nicely if each of the seven sections are fulfilled equally. Otherwise your get a bumpy ride, right? Clichéd, but true.

I’m hoping that this approach will help bring focus and structure to my life. And my blog. I’m going to be document my efforts to address each section of the wheel in my life. Failures and successes. I will still write the random crap I’ve always written, don’t worry.

Anyway… I have to go focus on my Environment, it’s a mess.



Laundry Detective

I just put two loads of laundry in downstairs. Air invited us over for dinner and I wanted to wear my new Corner Gas Bad Ass Black Uniform shirt. Wil has the Corner Gas Regular Ass Blue Uniform shirt. I mentioned it on Facebook, but neglected to mention our afternoon in Rouleau SK, town where they shot Corner Gas. Oh, all right, here is a picture, you’ll notice I am wearing yoga pants and a big tshirt, pretty much all I packed, besides the black dress, for what we thought was a short trip for a funeral. Don’t worry, the doublewide has a washer and dryer.


But I digress! I meant to talk about laundry. So, yes, just put in two loads. All three dryers are running. I don’t know what it is, something about the way they are spinning, and the fact that it’s 10:30 on a Friday night, but I have a feeling that these clothes belong to someone who just figures it is so late, they can get their clothes in the morning. You know what I mean. I hate that. I don’t want to touch someone else’s undies, even if they are clean. I think they clothes all belong to the same person because all three washers were set on hot. Which also makes me think it’s a boy. Because, really, you don’t need to use hot all that often. Only for whites, really. The chances of 3 individuals doing 3 separate loads of white laundry seems quite high. So either this person has a shitload of white clothes, or they are not that laundry smart. Boys are usually the ones who do not pay attention to dryer times.

Of course I could be wrong, as the floor of the laundry room is not flooded. You see, if you start all three washers at the same time, they will flood the floor. It’s washer #1 that’s the culprit. There is a sign that says you must wait 5 minutes between each washer start to avoid this. I ignore this sign, as I never use washer #1, only #2 and #3. Whomever washed three loads of clothes in hot water at least must have waited 5 minutes between washer #1 and washers 2 and 3. This implies a certain adherence to rules and common courtesy of communal living.

I admit, I’m perplexed.

I also admit that this is a typical activity, physical and mental, for me on a Friday night. I’m a regular barrel of monkeys.


I know how to spell Saskatchewan now.

We returned from our trip on Monday evening. Sunday we drove from Moose Jaw to Calgary, and then home the next day. I returned suffering from anti-depressant withdrawal, which was a bit like being stoned. Not entirely unpleasant, but not conducive to safe driving either. Wil returned with a sickness which we refer to as either a Prairie Sinus Infection or The Bacon Flu. (Fully cooked, it is not as dangerous as the Swine Flu.) 

We are both better now. 
Moose Jaw was an interesting place. First of all, the prairies are gorgeous. I know a lot of people would concentrate on the flatness of it all, but it was beautiful. I will say this, for a girl who’s number one allergy is grass, Moose Jaw at harvest time is not the healthiest place to be. But it was fun being in a different climate and terrain. 
Moose Jaw has a series of tunnels underneath it and there are two tours centered around them. One is the story of Chinese immigrants who lived and worked them, running steam laundries and trying to pay their “head tax” for immigration. This is the one that my new-to-me sister-in-law called “history.” 
The second tour has been labeled “legend,” or possible “wishful thinkingtainment.” The story goes that, during prohibition, Al Capone spent a goodly amount of time in MJ, hiding from his troubles and running booze. So much so that he called Little Chicago. This is the tour that we took, as half the party had seen the Chinese immigrant stories. It was a slice of theatre. 
Look, maybe Al Capone hung out in Moose Jaw, did some business, who knows. It seemed short on fact and long on tales of bootlegging in general. We were continuously promised large quantities of booze and a powerful drunk. Much to half our party’s dismay, that part turned about to be theatre as well. We had to buy our own booze after the tour. 
The guy who took us through the tunnels was heeee-sterical. I kept thinking how my family would have ate it up. They would have been his favorite type of audience. Loud and participatory.  

Greetings from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Our trip has been extended and taken a little detour. It’s been a long day and I am very tired. But for the next four nights I am staying in a double wide trailer that is nicer and larger than my apartment. Which begs the question…

Why don’t I live in a double wide trailer? There are no tornados in British Columbia. I think I would be safe. 
Tomorrow we are going to go shopping at Wal-Mart. It’s a whole new lifestyle!