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Do you like books? Satan does. Pssst… this is my Monday Announcement

I love to read and I do it a lot. I also like to go to readings and book signings, something I used to do more often when I lived in the states.I used to read a lot of book blogs as well. And all of these activities led to creating Satan’s Bookclub with Louise. I created it, did a couple of reviews, but I let it slide. I don’t remember why. Probably met a boy online or something. wink wink.

In the last few months, I’ve been thinking about bringing it back. Suddenly, it was a week before Banned Book Week (the original inspiration for the site) and I jumped in and redesigned it.
With the exception of reading books, I feel that I have ignored the intellectual pie piece of my umm… life pie. I’m not learning anything, or using my brain overly much. That is evidenced by my lackluster blogging, for one. Satan’s Bookclub will, I hope, renew my deeper interest in books and book news, as well as force me to to think and articulate my opinions on the books I read.
In other words, I am going to exercise my brain. If you are unfamiliar with Satan’s Bookclub, you can read it’s history and manifesto here. Please stop on by.


3 thoughts on “Do you like books? Satan does. Pssst… this is my Monday Announcement

  1. Vanwall says:

    Most wonderlicious! My pal Scratch Tantrabobs has always said a good book is a message from the Divil – Run fast from Heaven, there’s only Hell that’s left worth a goddamn.

  2. So I stopped by. I tried to comment but it wouldn’t let me because I don’t have a Movable Type account which kinda hurt my feelings, but I’ll get over it. Maybe it was just me. If not, I’m mentioning it tomorrow on my blog which may or may not mean anything, but I do have some book loving followers.
    And I’m glad you dusted this off. It’s a fantastic idea.

  3. Omg, OMG, I am so happy! I’ve been doing a ton of reading lately, but using Goodreads and my Facebook book profile to keep track of them and rank them. This is way cooler. And I’m totally ready to pimp it for you too.

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