Would you, could you?

I read a post on about hotels that are now offering special discounts to people who surrender their electronics at check-in, for a digital detox. Marketing this like it’s a good thing.

I think it is. Could you do it? I could. My only problem might be my iPad because I read on it. How about I surrender everything but my iPad, and I don’t have wireless access. Then it is nothing more than an expensive book. And Pocket Frogs. I shall promise to play no games. Only books. Or… maybe, I could just read books. You know… on paper?

What about you? Could you go for three days with no cell, internet, PS3, ect?


3 thoughts on “Would you, could you?

  1. Rosemary Nelson says:

    I did…but then I was in Africa and it wasn’t really an option to do otherwise. I admit it would be a challenge to do in a place where the other option was available.

  2. Lloyd says:

    pshaw….easy peasy. But that’s speaking as someone who can’t turn on the television without assistance from his wife or 10-year-old.

  3. Perry says:

    I could, but not sure why I would. If I am busy then I don’t think about TV or stereo or PC and I tend to only use the Kindle in bed; so as long as I don’t sleep It should be ok. The mobile phone, pah no problem, I would be happy to throw mine into a bonfire if the masses would join me. I don’t really like them much.

    But, do electric toothbrushes count as digital devices? What about if they play music?

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