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Hoppy Easter

I love Easter because I love spring, candy, and bunnies. Oh, and brunch. Spring is a time of rebirth and I find that very inspirational.

Speaking of rebirth, I’ve shared this trailer on my facebook page and twitter account. But it seems so apropos for Easter. So hopeful. Like we could be on the precipice of a rebirth on a global level, as well as personally. It would be incredible to be live through a change like that. I desperately want to see it and hope it comes to Vancouver soon. The movie. And the change.

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Fish fingers and custard.

I cannot describe how excited I am, watching this trailer. Wait, let me try – watching it made me bounce up and down in my seat on the couch and wave my tiny fists of doom in the air spastically, yelling “Honey … Honey… Honey… comere! comere!” And then I melted into a puddle of goo. Happy happy goo.

This season looks so amazing. This show just gets better and better. (I cannot help but imagine what it would have been like to have a Stephan Moffat/David Tennant series). There is an episode that is written by Neil Gaiman, that stars Michael Sheen. And that just makes my heart explode.

I tried to get Wm to watch it, but he doesn’t care that much about Doctor Who. He knows that his apathy frustrates me. And that’s fun for him.

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Oh god! Oh god! Bobbies! We are NOT watching this. I’m sorry about the boobies.

One of my favorite things about Canada is their attitude towards adult content on tv. Basically, after 10 pm, it’s your responsibility to make sure your kid doesn’t hear the F word or see bare breasts. There is a content warning after each commercial break, warning you about content, but that’s it. I love that. We are so prudish in the States. (See J. Jackson’s Nipple v. The United Priggish States of Football Watching America for further evidence.)

But the truth is, I’m not a parent. I don’t have to worry about anything. Until Wil’s daughter comes to visit. Wil and I are not used to thinking about the content of what we watch. To be honest, every single tv show on Canada seems to have a content warning of some kind after the commercial break. You become sort of immune to them. Several times this week, we were caught off guard. I wanted to watch a show about a housewife with multiple personality disorder, as naturally a person like myself would, but on the “previously” scenes there were bare boobies and people having the tv sex. Oops.

We were looking forward to watching tv simulcast of Will Ferrell’s broadway show “Your Welcome, America: A Final Night With George W. Bush” on HBO for weeks. It was on Saturday, at 8 pm. So the three of us were sitting on the couch, watching it together. HOW WERE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW HE WOULD SHOW A PICTURE OF A PENIS???? I mean… COME ON! It’s not our fault.

If it were my kid, I wouldn’t care. By age 11, we probably already would have spoken of, and looked at pictures of, penises. For educational purposes. But I have no idea what her mother’s take on it is. I have no grasp of how mature she is about these things. The last thing I would want to do is treat a kid like an young adult before her time. For reals. That makes me sad. Other people’s kids are mine fields, you know what I mean?

I know for sure she does not know the definition of the word “muff.” Thanks for saying it 14 times in a row, Mr. Ferrell.*

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Business Matters

I apologize, I’ve been more interested in working on my new blog design, then actually blogging. And I wish I could say that I’ve been working on it diligently. I was. But then I decided I needed to watch all three seasons of Veronica Mars again. It happens. At least we’ve had a run through all seasons of Buffy and Angel in the last year. And House. And BSG.

The fact is, I’ve changed my design three times since I’ve started. And while I’ve been spending most of my time on content and layout within MT4, I at least have to have a banner done, to keep in mind while I work. So I am now working on my third banner with built in roll over buttons. It’s so sad how much I have forgotten about Photoshop and Illustrator and such since I left my job. I used to be able to make a roll over button in my sleep. Well, just before I went to sleep maybe. Now I have to LOOK IT UP!.


I am updating my reading list over on the new design, I used to be really good at keeping track of my books. So I am working towards that again. I have also joined Good Reads, just haven’t bothered to add a button or link in the old design. Because I’m all about moving forward, baby. Anyhoo, be my book buddy if you are on Good Reads, won’t you please?

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Movie queue

I cancelled my Netflix account last June, on my last trip to the states. I missed it, so I signed up for The problem is, I can’t remember what was on my Netflix queue. It numbered in the 100’s. The movies on do not seem to be as readily available as they were on Netflix, so you need to keep a big ziplist, so something you want is available to send you.

Since I can’t remember what was on my Netflix queue, am I asking you for suggestions. Rent any good movies lately?

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Nano Day 6

Since we have channels that broadcast in the EST on our cable, I have already watched Bones and House and it’s not even 9pm. (I only like shows that are one word nouns. And have SCIENCE in them. Science is cool.)

So my feuvision dvd is on, and so is my nanocam. Maybe you can see the fire burning in the background. Très réaliste! I want to break 5k tonight. Which would put me exactly 5k + 2 words behind schedule. I’ve got to work out a better system for my day.

I think that if I had marshmallows and butter, I would easily break 5k. I have the rice krispies already. I have the technology.