Hey summer… go ahead and let the door hit you on the ass.

Ohemgee, summer is finally on it’s way out!! And I could not be happier. I’m so happy I’m blogging! I’m so happy I’m thinking of cleaning the kitchen! I’m so happy I am now held under the sway of peppy songs again. Like this one.

Fatboy Slim – Setember

Spring, Autumn, and the Holidays. Those are my happy times. Most of summer is ok where I live, it all boils down to a miserable, cranky August. But it’s over. If I were younger, I’d have a bag of school supplies and an outfit already picked out for the first day of school.

I think I’m going to buy myself some new crayons today.



There more than a few issues I have with my apartment. I wish it had an electrical outlet in the bathroom. (I’ve never had a bathroom with no electrical outlets.) I wish it had a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. (Haven’t been without those since my apartment in Ballard.)

But one of my favorite things about it is the building-wide water heater. In my mind, it’s behemoth. The entire building shares it. This means that we rarely run out of hot water. We can take showers as long as we want, and still have hot water. You can stand under a hot pounding stream of water for however long it takes to beat the sore outta your muscles. Or you can sit on floor of the shower and contemplate your life, with water cascades down on you like unusually warm rain.

If you want to know my mood the last couple of days, just go listen to Neko Case’s Blacklisted album.


Neko Case – Outro With Bees

In the meantime, let’s hover like bees.

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Little Black Mess

I’ve received compliments on the title of my story, so I think I should explain. It’s not mine. It’s a title of a Shivaree song which, along with “Goodnight Moon”, helped inspire this need in me to write a mystery. My character’s name is, therefore, Fiona Black and what happens is her own little mess to deal with – dead bodies, black mail, intrigue, things that make you wear something other than pajama pants and leave the house. Which is not something that happens to me a lot right now.

Here is the song and lyrics. I hope Shivaree doesn’t mind. Buy their music. They rule. Have I ever posted “Goodnight Moon?” I can’t remember, I cannot find it anywhere on the blog.

Little Black Mess” by Shivaree

I should try to be good

Forever and ever, amen

So I’ll touch wood

And hope I don’t get caught again

Without my lines

And off the mark

Looking for signs

I can’t see here in the dark

My opening won’t be a great success

Till you come get me out of

This little black mess

I’ll play my part

And say never ever again

Then cross my heart

Cry until you say when

A little cheat while you turn away

Things we repeat one more time

Day after day

I’ve lost my appetite so nonetheless

It fits like a glove now

My little black mess

Who’s to say if we’ll know

When it’s time for this old thing to go

And so if I’m good

Could you forgive how I’ve been?

You misunderstood

Now if you’d just let me begin

To put on my face

I’ll put on the room

Go take my place

One more time

Then we can resume

It’s true I’m sure to die out here unless

You come help me out of

This little black mess


I wonder wonder wonder wonder who taught me how to talk like that.

Reading’s latest Chart Attack put this song in my head.

Boz Scaggs reminds me of summers at my father’s, in Walnut Creek California. Especially the summer he married my stepmother. It reminds me of his ’73 Oldsmobile convertible and ice cream and the BART station and of walking along the railroad tracks to 7-11 to buy candy. Ahhhh… candy. The currency of youth.

KMTT – a radio station in Seattle – sometimes plays a live, acoustic version of this song, recorded in their studios, I believe. Truly, it’s that version of the song that is stuck in my head. I would give anything to get my hands on a copy of that version. It’s so cool.

Anyway, since I’m up, this is the song that is stuck in my head.

Lowdown – Boz Scaggs

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Answer? So Fucking Wifey

I can’t sleep and it’s almost 3:30. Wil’s alarm goes off in an hour and half. I was lying there … not sleeping… when I thought to myself, “How fucking wifey would it be of me to get up and make Wil a sammich to take to work today?”
I hope I am coherent enough to tell him about it when he says goodbye in twoish hours.
Anyway, since I’m up, here is the song that is stuck in my head.
Adam and the Ants – Zerox


Diddit diddit diddit diddit diddit diddit diddit didda.

The last few days I’ve been slipping into a bad habit of sleeping too late in the day, and therefore staying up later and later. Wil’s always joked that I don’t get up until right before he gets off work, at 2. Which is so not true. I used to make it up sometime in the 9 am hour. But not lately.
Anyway, since I’m up, this is the song stuck in my head right now.
Yes – I’ve Seen All Good People/Your Move

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Then and Now: Episode 44 Moves Like a Cat

This is one of those entries that is run entirely by the cover version of the song, not the original. Not the hugest Motley Crue fan. I was more 120 Minutes than Headbangers Ball. But if this song makes you want to break out the spandex and hold a lighter up to your kohl eyeliner, than more power to ya. Let your freak flag fly, baby.
Motley Crue – Looks That Kill

I love Shivaree. I once came up with a book idea based entirely on Goodnight Moon, but I’m sure I’m not the first. I was so excited when the iTunes alerts sent me a message that they had a new album, Tainted Love: Matting Calls and Fight Songs. And imagine my delight when I saw it was an album of covers! Some obscure and lesser known songs, which only makes it more enjoyable in my opinion. Here is one of those rare instances when the cover improves upon the original, but that’s really because it’s more to my taste. I would like to point out to my husband that it does not break his cardinal cover song rule of “Don’t Change The Pronoun.” as well.
Shivaree – Looks That Kill

PS. I had a hard time picking which song from the album to use, so in the next couple of weeks, expect to see another one. It’s all I can do to not post another one now, it was that close.