Hey summer… go ahead and let the door hit you on the ass.

Ohemgee, summer is finally on it’s way out!! And I could not be happier. I’m so happy I’m blogging! I’m so happy I’m thinking of cleaning the kitchen! I’m so happy I am now held under the sway of peppy songs again. Like this one.

Fatboy Slim – Setember

Spring, Autumn, and the Holidays. Those are my happy times. Most of summer is ok where I live, it all boils down to a miserable, cranky August. But it’s over. If I were younger, I’d have a bag of school supplies and an outfit already picked out for the first day of school.

I think I’m going to buy myself some new crayons today.


The sun is trying to kill me

I hate summer. Maybe hate is too strong a word. I will tell you this, I like summer more when I have air conditioning. However, for the last 21 years I have lived in a part of the world that just does not commonly put air conditioning in homes. Because it just doesn’t get “that hot” that often.

Bullshit I say!

I don’t do well with heat. And it’s sunny and hot today. It was sunny and hot yesterday. It’s going to be sunny and hot for days. Other places in the country(ies) might not consider 80 that hot*. But they have air conditioning in their homes. I’d fork over the few hundreds to get a portable a/c unit, but we are kind of poor right now. And I just spent nearly a thousand dollars on having more teeth removed from Pru’s gum diseased mouth. (get your pet’s teeth cleaned. trust me, it’s cheaper in the long run.)

Other people might consider today to be a beautiful day. While they marvel over the appearance of the sun here in the PacNoWest, they seem to be completely unaware that the sun IS TRYING TO GIVE THEM CANCER!!

I’m the only one who understands. The sun is trying to kill us.

*I bet they consider 80 degrees to be hot in Canada because they use Celsius and 80 degrees C must be a BILLION degrees F.