29 Days of Blog – Puzzles and Presents

I had some appointments down here in Seattle, so I’m spending the night at my mommy’s. We are working on a puzzle of book covers. That’s the speed at which I roll. I love doing puzzles. 

I like to order things online with the American VISA/Debit card and have them shipped here. So when I am down visiting, there are always presents to open. This time it was my Apple TV (birthday present), a pair of jeans that fit perfectly as is (never happens to me), and a t-shirt. And a pair of pants for Wil.

Obviously I am not lucky enough to have seen Hamilton on Broadway, but I saw the shirt and figured it was meant to be mine. It’s a Hamilton thing. 

So yeah. I fear that my blogs are starting out pretty dull. Hopefully I’ll find my groove again before the end of the month. 

George and Kirby, momo, photo, pru, William

29 Days of Blog – Kitten Parents

Under that blanket is Wil. He’s sleeping after working the night shift. The kittens are “helping” him. It’s an amazing picture because they were actually napping along side him, nice and quiet. They woke up when I came in to put away some clean socks.

Wil and I have different animal parenting techniques. Mine is influenced by my uncle Skip, who was a vet. He told me, when I adopted Pru, that I should never feed her immediately after getting up in the morning or she would learn to wake me up when she wanted food. So I used to feed her as I was walking out the door to work. Prudence had plenty of issues, but she was very patient and polite in the morning. I use the same strategy with George and Kirby. Wil does not.

Wil is a big softy. After Momo passed, Pru came out of her shell with him and trained him to give her treats every time he walked in or out the front door. Or when she just gave him a sweet look. He was so thrilled that she finally liked him, he was easily trained.

The boys have taken it one step further. They have trained him to give them treats whenever they annoy him. Kirby will sit on his chest, when he is sleeping and yowl. And he will GET UP AND GIVE THEM BOTH TREATS. To distract them. Do you see the flaw in this technique? They also like to annoy him when he’s playing computer games. They crawl all over the keyboard and sit in front of the monitor. He gets frustrated so he gets up AND GIVES THEM TREATS. He also gives them treats when he walks in and out of the front door. Or they meow sweetly, giving him cute kitten face.

Big softy. Big sleepy softy.


November shall be… 29 Days of Blog!

So, I just finished 31 Days of Spooky, watching a scary or spooky movie everyday in October. I kind of liked it. I’m planning 31 Days of Merry in December. But what about November?

I could do a load of laundry everyday, try to get through that giant backload. But I don’t think there are 30 days worth. Perhaps I could floss everyday. But that’s for babies. I decided against NaNoWriMo as well, because I am pursuing other artistic endeavors currently. 

So…. 29 Days of Blog!!! It would be 30, but I just came up with the idea today, the 2nd of November. I can’t guarantee they will be long. Or interesting, I’m a bit rusty. But I kind of miss blogs, the reading and the writing. I guess the heyday of blog communities is over, but I just can’t give up. 

The best part is, announcing this counts as a blog post. Done and done. 

100 Days of Happy, pru

100 Days of Happy: Day 4 – Poop!

When you have a cat with as many health concerns as I have, the littlest things can make you happy. (and make you terribly sad, for that matter) I have to keep a close eye on her, because it’s easier to be proactive with some of her issues. So, sometimes, I am very happy when I wake up to see cat poop. I’ll spare you the picture of the actual poop.



100 Days of Happy

100 Days of Happy: Day 2

And Day 1, since I only decided to blog these instead of using instagram or twitter this morning.

Day 1: Wil suggested I start the challenge over. Clean desk with daisies.


Day 2: It took me over an hour to take apart, clean thoroughly, and put back together. I’m ashamed to say it had been a couple of summers. Probably the filthiest things I’ve ever cleaned, but now every time I look at it, it makes me happy. You can actually see some shine in it.  Look at all those crevices I had to clean!