29 Days of Blog – Puzzles and Presents

I had some appointments down here in Seattle, so I’m spending the night at my mommy’s. We are working on a puzzle of book covers. That’s the speed at which I roll. I love doing puzzles. 

I like to order things online with the American VISA/Debit card and have them shipped here. So when I am down visiting, there are always presents to open. This time it was my Apple TV (birthday present), a pair of jeans that fit perfectly as is (never happens to me), and a t-shirt. And a pair of pants for Wil.

Obviously I am not lucky enough to have seen Hamilton on Broadway, but I saw the shirt and figured it was meant to be mine. It’s a Hamilton thing. 

So yeah. I fear that my blogs are starting out pretty dull. Hopefully I’ll find my groove again before the end of the month. 


2 thoughts on “29 Days of Blog – Puzzles and Presents

  1. LisaLoon says:

    I love puzzles. The last two I’ve put together are snoopy mosaics made out of peanuts comics. They are addictive but hard on the old eyeballs. They require much squinting.

  2. Don’t fear – it is delightful… you and a few of the other blogger I have followed in years past are writing again and it gives me all sorts of nostalgia and happy feelings!!
    that t-shirt is cool
    I know how it is to live in another country and come back to the USA and see all sorts of cool stuff you have waiting!

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