Well, it’s a start.

In case you are reading this in an RSS feed… I put up a new blog design. It still needs lots of tweaking. But I’m pleased not to have a generic, non-jodiferous, template up. I basically stole the banner from my old booklist page and changed it up a bit. Added Momo. It’s not the only banner I designed over the last few months, but oddly, it was the first. I was completely sold on another idea, but then I took a good look at both of them together, and I just decided this on was more me.

Couple of things, I created tabs along the top. And pages for the blogroll and Monthly Archives and Category Archives. After nearly 7 years of blogging, a list of monthly archives can get quite cumbersome. Trying to clean up the sidebar a bit. I’ve also added my Goodreads book list info, but I’ve been pretty negligent about adding my books to it. I resolve to do better.

So… yeah. There you go.


5 thoughts on “Well, it’s a start.

  1. Chris says:

    I like the new look a lot. It reminds me of the look two designs ago, but even better! And it has cats and lots of purple.
    So is the new Sims everything you thought it’d be? 🙂

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