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What is up with my head today?

I am ecstatic with the extra 9 GBs I got back after installing Snow Leopard. But I think it might have messed up my sims. To be honest, I can barely run that program as it is. I have some sims living in a beautiful house I downloaded that takes 1 min and 47 secs to redraw every time you leave the house and come back in, or go into design mode. That ain’t right. I had to up grade my computer to play the Sims 2, so I suppose I really need to upgrade it for the Sims 3. And by upgrade I mean get a new one because it’s not like I can upgrade the graphics card in it or anything. It’s a laptop.

But since I updated to Snow Leopard, I’ve been seeing this.



I don’t know WHAT is wrong with her hair. I think it has started falling out due the RADIATION THAT IS COMING OFF THAT FACE! Seriously.

Those two sims are actually the sims I created of Wil and I. I created one that is supposed to look like me, but doesn’t, to use as my avatar on my sims page. I went ahead and gave myself a husband named Wil while I was at it. It supposed to look like him. It has his penchant for cammy cargo pants. He is: genius, computer whiz, artistic, flirty. I am: bookworm, artistic, good sense of humor and friendly. We are both couch potatoes. He wants to build robots and I want to be an author. 

I turned down the shadow detail and it seems to have helped. Here we are reading books in our starter home.

reading on couch 2.jpg

And here we are cuddling. Awwwww….

cuddle on couch.jpg


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