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what am i doing?

I’m coming up on my 7th blog anniversary at the end of this month. Although, I have not been a very good blogger these last couple of years. I feel like my blog had a heyday and it was a few years ago, that’s for sure. The last few posts were either about the weather, the sims or WoW, and that made me kind of sad.

Maybe I’m tired of blogging. Maybe I’m tired of blogging the same old way I used to. I don’t know. My blog has always been about my life and what I am doing. The fact is, I’m not doing anything. Somehow the the hours pass, the days go by and most days are exactly like the ones before it.

That might be the crux of it. Maybe I don’t want documented my failing to make something more significant out of my forced early temporary retirement. I suppose I’m a bit embarrassed that I have not written a book, become fluent in French and learned all the nooks and crannies and secrets Vancouver has to offer. Nobody really wants to broadcast the fact that they are not living up to their potential.

I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud. Maybe the way I blog has to change. I’ve thought about stopping entirely. But that is not what I want. I want to love it again. I want it to be fresh. My blog and I are just not as intimate as we used to be. I want to fall in love all over again. And other clichés.

I believe I am going to blame all this on Evildeb, for not moving to Canada with me.


7 thoughts on “what am i doing?

  1. French Panic and I can help speak the french with you if that is any help at all. And we’ll have plenty of coffee to share.
    Besides, I need to learn some new nooks and crannies in my new town.

  2. This might be a new nook for you…
    There’s a cute little noodle shop in Vancouver called Pho Hoa or something similar. You could always stop in there if you’re in the mood to have noodles that are so good you don’t care that the wait staff ignores you to the point of making you feel invisible.

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