Blogaversary: The Seven Year Itch

So today we are seven. Seven years of blogging. I think it is accurate to say that we, my blog and I, are currently undergoing a bit of a seven year itch. It’s a hot summer in the city and I’ve sent my blog to the coast with the kids. Everything seems so dull and routine now, the shine has worn off. And, yes, while it’s been enjoying cooler climes, I have flirted with attractive neighbors. Twitter. Facebook. I admit it!

But I didn’t sleep with them. Facebook, well pretty much all my IRL friends and family are on it. I only use it to keep in touch with them. Facebook and I are just friends. It’s complicated.

Twitter, well sure I had a pretty big crush on it for a while. Now I find it to be a bit … noisy and vacuous. That’s the only way I can describe it. I stopped tweeting several months ago when I realized what a colossal time suck it was, not to mention my compulsive need to read each and every tweet was overwhelming. I’ve met and socialized with people from Twitter. It is great for that. And I don’t mean to insult my friends on twitter. Twitter is great for Social Media. I’m just not sure I care about Social Media. It feels over marketed. Once they started calling it that, it lost it’s appeal. I jump on now and then. I use it when I change my facebook status and I know it’s going to be less than 140 characters. When I spend a lot of time on twitter and facebook, I know I am bored.

There has been a lot of talk about Twitter killing the blog lately. But I disagree. They are two different animals. There are times when I have something short and pithy to say, for which Twitter or Facebook works great. There are people who use the medium PERFECTLY. I have to think they put great time and effort into constructing something so entertaining or meaningful in 140 characters. It can be a fun challenge. But that’s the exception more than the rule. Twitter is an amuse bouche. Tasty, but it’s not going to fill you up. It’s probably high in fat and empty calories as well. Blogging is the main course. It contains a full daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Blogging is A NICE BIG STEAK.

But, back to the seven year itch analogy. There have been times I have thought about just stopping. But that’s a cop out. Better to ride the wave and work on our relationship. Take it to new depths. Discover new things about each we didn’t know. Get the PASSION back. Don’t you think?

As always, I am deeply grateful for all of you who read my blog, past and present. I am especially thankful for those who have become my friends. And occasionally husbands.