7 thoughts on “And now, for another episode of What’s On Jodi’s T-shirt!

  1. Natasha F (but not Fatale) says:

    1.) Wow, you look thin in that shirt.
    2.) I am a Batgirl fangirl – where did you get the T?

  2. i cannot remember if i have said this before or not. regardless, i am thinking about it again. if you have any desire to start up satan’s bookclub again, i have been reading lots of books lately, evil ones, and have less other blog/website commitments to interfere with my time, and so i would be more than willing to pimp, write reviews, participate in the book club- fo’ real yo. i still think it is a great idea.

  3. I’m a Batgirl fan through and through. Ivonne Craig WAS THE Batgirl 🙂
    Although (I forget her name) the actress who portrayed her (Dina Meyer) on Bird of Prey was AWESOME.

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