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What’s On Jodi’s T-shirt Today – Familial Request Edition

Several days ago:

Wm: Why haven’t you done one of those “what’s on my tshirt” bloggy things with your new Frank Black tshirt.

Me: Probably because I haven’t worn it yet.

Wm: Well DO IT! Tonight!

But, because “obey” was not in our marriage vows, I took that order with a grain of salt. I planned on wearing it today anyway, but when I got out of the shower and he was cleaning the kitchen, I knew I had to wear it. I walked into the kitchen and pointed to my shirt.

Wm: There you go. Good [pointing towards my desk] DO IT!


Wil is something of a Pixies/Frank Black/Black Francis fanatic. Last fall we went to see his show, which was awesome, but they didn’t have shirts on sale. He found these on Frank Black’s website and I ordered them. Had to have them sent to my mom, and when they did not arrive in time for her last visit, he was extremely disappointed. But my mom is awesome, so she shipped them to us as soon as they got in, proving, once again, he is the luckiest son-in-law EVER.

Frank Black was playing here last night. Only I think he’s going by Black Francis again. It’s hard to keep track. But when I went to get tickets last month, he was sold out. In fact, in keeping with the “paper” theme of the first anniversary present, I was going to get us tickets to Frank Black and he was going to get us tickets to Chris Isaak (one of my favorites). Both were sold out.

I think the iPhone helped with my sadness. I’ll see you next summer, Chris.

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What’s On Jodi’s T-shirt Today?


I saw this shirt a long long time ago. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it immediately. Then I forgot where I saw it until, recently, Dooce talked about hers. I saw it on And now it is finally mine.

If you know me, you know this shirt is perfect for me. I was so excited. I had to have it shipped to the States, so I sent it to my mom’s house. I told her she could open it up when it got there because it was too funny. When she got it, she said to me that it was “funny because it’s your sense of humor.”

Wil: What did she say?

Me: She said it’s funny because it’s my sense of humor.

Wil: She doesn’t like it.

Me: Not as much as I do, no. This is the equivalent to your “That’s interesting.” when I am telling you a story.

She reminded me that my little vegan brother would probably hate it. As would other vegan and vegetarian friends of mine. Yes, I suppose. But they wouldn’t be surprised by it. The fact is, I’m a carnivore.

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What’s on Jodi’s t-shirt today?

Again. Because my Photo Booth is working, I guess.

Photo 49

I got this t-shirt at the Northern Voice blogging conference last month, which was pretty fun. I finally met Airdre in person, after reading her blog for a long time and I met a completely new person named Catherine, who gets to play WoW at her job. On purpose! We are going to meet for coffee someday.

Airdre has a podcast called Lipgloss and Laptops, and consequently gets lots of free product. Last week when we met for drinks, she brought me a bag full of MAC products. It was like Christmas! Anyway, if you like beauty products, you should give it a listen.

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Ok, so what’s on Jodi’s t-shirt TODAY?

Nothing. This is actually what is on Wil’s t-shirt today.


Either you get it, or you don’t. It’s a Simpsons thing. I would not get it, except for the fact that Wil says it all the time. (You know I don’t get The Simpsons) So when I saw the Glarkware Limited Edition, I knew he had to have it. (Andy, you are correct, yesterday’s shirt was a glarkware as well.) The limited editions go on sale for one month only, go into production the following month and then ship out. That’s it. You can’t get them after that, unless there is a left over sale. Wil says every time he wears this shirt, someone makes a comment about it. A girl came up to us in the mall the other day, wanting to know where she could get one. She can’t get one. It’s SPECIAL.

I consider it one of my more successful t-shirt purchases.

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Hey, I wonder what’s on Jodi’s t-shirt today…

Dear Buddha

So awesome.

We are off to Victoria for the weekend so that Wil can see his daughter and I can have brunch at John’s Place. Wil is also SUPER excited because we are seeing the Transformers movie tomorrow. I’m excited too, but I’m more excited about the upcoming Harry Potter movie. We made a deal. He comes to Harry Potter with me, and I’ll go to the Simpson’s movie. Which may be surprising to those who know my apathy for the Simpsons. But I don’t hate them. It’s not like he’s asking me to go Seinfeld Show movie or something.

Just thinking about a Seinfeld movie annoys me.

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What’s on Jodi’s t-shirt today?

I think River will appreciate this one. I bought it at a comic shop here in New Westminster. Wil told me to.. he said I needed it and he turned out to be correct.


I’m home now, after 10 days. I told Wil, if you are going to get hookers, make them clean the house as well but he said he didn’t want to pay extra. Bummer. So I’m off to drag 5 garbage bags of dirty clothes to the laundry mat.