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Ok, so what’s on Jodi’s t-shirt TODAY?

Nothing. This is actually what is on Wil’s t-shirt today.


Either you get it, or you don’t. It’s a Simpsons thing. I would not get it, except for the fact that Wil says it all the time. (You know I don’t get The Simpsons) So when I saw the Glarkware Limited Edition, I knew he had to have it. (Andy, you are correct, yesterday’s shirt was a glarkware as well.) The limited editions go on sale for one month only, go into production the following month and then ship out. That’s it. You can’t get them after that, unless there is a left over sale. Wil says every time he wears this shirt, someone makes a comment about it. A girl came up to us in the mall the other day, wanting to know where she could get one. She can’t get one. It’s SPECIAL.

I consider it one of my more successful t-shirt purchases.


4 thoughts on “Ok, so what’s on Jodi’s t-shirt TODAY?

  1. I have that shirt! And my wife has the Sn-Tv-Bd. For cryin’ out loud, it’s like we’re living parallel lives.
    Except for the three kids part.
    (If I had the dough, I would buy every shirt Glark sells. They’re ALL brilliant.)

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