The iPhone is coming to Canada

July 11th. We all know that, with my current lifestyle, I don’t really need one, but I want one. I put myself on a waiting list, because Wil is getting me one for our anniversary, which is next month.

My question is, I put myself on the list for a 8GB. Because, I can’t bring myself to acknowledge how much money this is going to cost, just for the calling plan and data plan. It’s incredibly indulgent, considering. Oh, the question is, do you think I’ll regret going 8GB instead of 16? I have an 80GB iPod I use for music, and that’s what I use in the car. So I am not planning on putting music on the iPhone, really.

My natural inclination is to get the biggest, but I just don’t know if it’s necessary. Any iPhone users out that have an opinion?

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4 thoughts on “The iPhone is coming to Canada

  1. Jason says:

    I say, if it’s not financially punishing to get the 16GB version, go for it. With the app store also coming, you might end up putting more on your iPhone than you think.

  2. I should start by saying I end up nickel-and-diming myself in situations like this.
    The 16 isn’t much more than the 8 when all things are considered. I can’t imagine you’ll find yourself in 2 years saying, “I should have got the 8,” though you *might* wish you had the 16 if you get the 8.
    So, basically, you’d get the 16 now as insurance against having any regrets two years down the road. If the 16 it $100 more the insurance is $1.00 a week for two years.
    If the math isn’t enough to convince you, think back to when MTV was good — “Too much is never enough.”
    (Anyway, those are the arguments I’m going to use on myself if I decide to get an iPhone.)

  3. I bought Stoker an 8GB Ipod Touch, which is essentially the same as the iPhone, without the phone part. So far it’s been enough. I would think that if you’re not going to put your entire music library on it, that would be enough. More gigs = more indulgent. Right?

  4. For $100 more (at least US price) that’s just about $4 a month. When you figure up front costs and the cell phone plan(!), that’s pretty minimal in costs.
    The bigger screen might be nice for vidoes/movies/TV and those take significantly more. And since it’s your phone you’ll take it everywhere, so you might want some music on it too…

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