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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

We are not having a Thanksgiving Dinner. I made one last year in October, but not November. I think this year I will make one in November.

  • A: Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work.
  • B: Wil doesn’t care about the holiday and try as I might, I just cannot feel Thanksgivingy in October. On a Monday. Before my birthday and Halloween.

a – b = no Thanksgiving Dinner. We are having a special dinner. I bought two out-of-our-budget steaks, which are now marinating in a chipotle tabasco sauce. And while I did not make a pie, I bought one. I caved. But you’d better believe we’ll be thankful for those steaks.

Since it is Thanksgiving, and my birthday is in one week, I have decided to play a game called I’m So Grateful for that this week. The fact is, the world’s been bringing me down lately. Everywhere you turn it seems gloomy and doomy. The banks, the economy, the environment, the landfills, the immigration issues, the housing crisis, Sarah Palin, our crappy apartment, and I’m getting really sick of Stephen Harper’s face. I’m afraid my thinking has been very negative and pessimistic. And that’s not good for me. I know the warning signs.

So I’m going to force myself to think more positively. Every day I’ll try to turn my thinking around. Today I’ll start small with just mentioning how grateful I am to have food on my table and a warm house in which to eat it. And the kittens. And whipped cream in a can, love that stuff, eternally grateful for that. With a grand finale of why I Am So Grateful to turn 41 on the 19th. It’s going to take me a week to figure that one out.


7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

  1. For what is worth, and to kickstart your positive thinking week, I am thankful for having met you, and getting to know you and becoming friends with you.
    Now, if only we hung out more! 😉 Give my best to Will.

  2. Vanwall says:

    We usually make at least one out-of-the-holiday Thanksgiving turkey every year – any excuse to pig out, I guess. I like a good steak, tho, with a bake and a nice merlot, and Talisker after din-din. Goddammit, you got me hungry again.
    Oh, and by the way, you are so NOT 41, it’s like statiscallallyly impossible – after all you’re only as young as other people feel you are – so when you get out of high-school, let me know, and I’ll send your EEficial Adult Card – it’s good for nothing and won’t get you into a nightclub or anything like that, but at least you’re closer to Geezerville on paper.

  3. arifa says:

    how on earth did i not make the list? ha! then again, i haven’t been such a good friend since the bit’s arrival. i think of you often, though!

  4. 41?!?! How the fuck did you get OLD, woman? Your birthday is the day after Chicken’s by the way. Except he is turning 12. Oh, and you can give me shit for turning 35 in a few months. Half way to 70, bitches!
    Note to self: remember to wish you happy bday on Sunday.

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