I have a tumblr.

I’m sorta playing with it. It’s like really lazy blogging. It consists of reblogging what other tumblr users have already reblogged. I’m just messing around. It’s for crap I don’t want bogging down this blog. Which hasn’t been bogged down with anything, crap or otherwise, in months. So it’s kind of amusing I’m worried about it at all.

There is one awesome tumblr page you should check out. Animals Talking In All Caps. Highlarious. For realsies.

My tumblr is jodiferous.tumblr.com. If you tumble, won’t you please follow me. We can be tumblers.



Would you, could you?

I read a post on Nerdist.com about hotels that are now offering special discounts to people who surrender their electronics at check-in, for a digital detox. Marketing this like it’s a good thing.

I think it is. Could you do it? I could. My only problem might be my iPad because I read on it. How about I surrender everything but my iPad, and I don’t have wireless access. Then it is nothing more than an expensive book. And Pocket Frogs. I shall promise to play no games. Only books. Or… maybe, I could just read books. You know… on paper?

What about you? Could you go for three days with no cell, internet, PS3, ect?


They call it a “lion cut” but she fought like a tiger.

I know what you are thinking, Two cat posts in as many days. Well, A: I’m a blogger and therefore expected to talk about my cats. And B: My mom wanted to see a picture of Pru with her new haircut. (Sadly, Pattie, I cannot capture the goofiness she first exhibited when she came home from the vet a week and a half ago, it’s already smoothed out. )

A not unwelcome transformation has occurred in Pru since everything that has happened with Momo. Actually, the balanced of power started to even out a bit over a year ago, when Pru started standing up for herself more. She was just as likely to chase away Momo as vice versa. When Momo started to isolate herself, Pru started to become more and more social. Hanging out with us in the living room more. Running to greet Wm when he came home. She has started to act like the cat she was before I brought her to Canada, when it was just me and her in our little apartment.

It’s bittersweet, because of the loss of Momo. But at the same time, I’m delighted to see her back to her old self. She more playful, she is more affectionate with Wil. She doesn’t run away when people come over. She is more vocal and follows me around like she used to, hanging out with me when I get ready in the morning.

Pru knows how to play her Poppi. She knows if she stares at him long enough, with big round green eyes, he will eventually cave and give her treats. He’s a soft touch. She “cries” when I leave the house, as well.. that will usually garner her some snacks. In return, Wm has informed her that she is now his new best friend and she’d better get used it.


momo, William


If you are friends with me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter, you may know that our cat, Momo has been sick. She developed cancer in her leg. And the outlook was pretty grim.

After her diagnosis, we kept a close eye on her, gave her topical pain meds every few hours, and tried to determine when we were no longer able to keep her comfortable. That day turned out to be last Thursday.

Momo was our lovey cat. She loved everyone except Pru. She was soft like satin, all black with a little white patch on her tummy you were not allowed to touch. She loved lying in sunbeams, and when she did, she looked like she was made of dark chocolate. She was very generous with kisses.

She was not a slim cat. Somehow she managed to give the impression of fat cheeks. The vet called her a “round breed.” But watching her walk away, one got the impression of a watermelon with toothpick legs. And a plum sized head. She had tiny paws on the end of stick legs, and an amazing ability to know just where your most tender parts where. All the better to bruise them with her “sticks.”

Wil called her The Annoy-a-tron 5000. I’m pretty sure Momo referred to him in the same manner. Privately. Publicly she called him Poppi. ( That started about the time I moved in, coincidentally. She called me The Lady. ) He was never more appealing than when he was playing video games. She just had to kiss his face and his hands and crawl in his lap.  She was never more appealing to him than when she was minding her own business, or trying to get away from him. They slept together, they watched tv together, they were best friends.

I will miss my baby Momo. My snuggly kissy cat.




Party at my parents’ house! Whoooooooo!

I’m staying at my parents house alone this weekend, while I play with my friends. They are on a trip, and Wil is back home in New West. I just sent them the following email reply to the request that I water the plants on the patio.

No problem. 🙂

And, by the way, I did not have a heart attack when I got up at 5:15 am to tinkle this morning, and saw a light was on in the office, a light I did not turn on before I went to bed. Oh, no, I simply did my business and then ran back to bed and pulled the covers up over my head and prayed to baby jebus to take me in the rapture before the guy, who was obviously in the office googling “murder,” could come and kill me.

I’m so having a boy/girl kegger tonight, your house is scary!