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Pet show and tell.

I was responding to Delmer’s comment below, when I decided my responding comment was long enough to be a post. With pictures.

Q: I’m curious … is your cat named for Phoebe from Catcher in the Rye.

Based on what a person might gather from your blog-persona, it would make sense.

A: it was actually my bunny who was named Phoebe. She died 4 years ago this summer, which broke my heart, but she was the coolest bunny ever. And that is precisely what i tell people when they asked why i named her Phoebe. People thought it was because of either Friends, or that show about the witches, Charmed. But in truth, I got the name from the book. But we mostly called her The B.


Of course, if I name my daughter Phoebe, I will say it’s after my bunny, and not some book. 🙂

Prudence, my cat, I named after a rag doll I had when I was a kid, that my grandmother used to try to steal from me, telling me that Prudence would rather live with HER. Which I never believed. My Moür Moür was a terrible liar, and her daughter didn’t raise no fool. But again, people think I named her from that Charmed show. I didn’t even know there was a Phoebe and a Pru on that show until after I got my cat. Never watched it.


And as long as well are talking pets, here is the dog who is responsible for me liking quiet, sweet, lazy dogs. … Bunker. We had him for 17 years.


Look at me! I have devil eyes!

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Picture day.

Evildeb says that AlmostCertainlyGoingToEndUpEvilMaggie won this outfit for Mimi, the Evildog, in some kind of Spin the Wheel contest. I think Mimi looks a little ashamed. And Maggie looks a little pleased about that.



Glasses! Oh, no, mom! Not glasses! They’ll make me look absolutely positively goofy!

i have writers block big time. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I probably need to ride a roller coaster or something. I told Louise I had nothing to write about, and she said, “tell them about your new glasses.”

So I tried, but it came out:

I got new glasses. They are red. Then End.

But here is a picture of them. You get fish face because all my smirks looked too sleepy, and not in a good way. And my smiles fakey.


You cannot even begin to imagine how big my hair is today. And I am fairly certain I’ve used that quote as a subject title before….