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Amelia’s new clothes

You might be wondering where exactly Amelia has been lately. Why she’s been so quiet. For a long time I have wanted to get her framed. She’s been through a lot and has a lot of wear and tear. I wanted to get her in a frame before anymore damage occurred. She is, technically, a collector’s item.

Last December, before Christmas, I took her into Michael’s, along with the Jim Henson/ Kermit Think Different poster and two NaNoWriMo posters, to be framed. They were having a 50% off sale, and I wanted something nice. And oh man were they helpful. We probably spent about an hour and half, choosing matting and frames. The NaNo posters were especially difficult, colorwise. It took 3 frame dept people to figure it out, with much debate. Finally, we had everything spec’d out and he started to write up the estimate. That is something he maybe should have done after the first poster, I could have saved us all a lot of time. The Think Different posters are 24 x 36, the NaNo posters 18 x 24, and really, that is quite large for a custom frame job. Each poster had a relatively inexpensive frame, but three levels of matting. It was so nice.It really made a difference.

When he added up the total for just Amelia, I almost passed out. I was expecting it to be less than that at 100%. At 50% it was ridunculously expensive. Let me put it this way, I could have framed all prints as planned, or I could have bought my husband a black MacBook with an extra gig of ram for Christmas with that kind of money. If I had that kind of money lying about. Which I did not.

I decided to go ahead and have Amelia framed. We tried reducing the cost by removing some of the matting, but it just looked so much better the way we planned it out. It hurt me to pay that much, believe me. It was extortion. I don’t even have Jim and Kermit on the wall because I couldn’t bare to have them look all naked and plain next to Amelia.

The picture does not do it justice. She really does look fabulous.


Amelia: Hey.. look at me!

Me: You look good.

Amelia: I look FANTASTIC. My posture has never been better. Can you hear me from behind the glass?

Me: Loud and clear.

Amelia: Sweet. Do you think you can wipe off that fingerprint in the lower right corner? I don’t want to look smudgy.

Me: I’m on it.

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What’s on Jodi’s t-shirt today?

Again. Because my Photo Booth is working, I guess.

Photo 49

I got this t-shirt at the Northern Voice blogging conference last month, which was pretty fun. I finally met Airdre in person, after reading her blog for a long time and I met a completely new person named Catherine, who gets to play WoW at her job. On purpose! We are going to meet for coffee someday.

Airdre has a podcast called Lipgloss and Laptops, and consequently gets lots of free product. Last week when we met for drinks, she brought me a bag full of MAC products. It was like Christmas! Anyway, if you like beauty products, you should give it a listen.



Which I got from Hilly. It looked fun. Different.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to

2. Type in your answer to the question in the “search” box

3. Use only the first page

4. Insert the picture into your Blog

1.) What is your relationship status?


2.) What is your current mood?


3.) Who is your favorite band/artist? (I don’t have just one, so I picked the first of my favorites to show up in iTunes)

Neko Case - Blacklisted

4.) What is your favorite movie?


5.) What kind of pet do you have?


6.) Where do you live?


7.) Where do you work?


8.) What do you look like?


9.) What do you drive?


10.) What did you do last night?

Airdre Apache sire of Bellaire

(that is misleading. I did not go horseback riding. I am afraid of horses. Good luck figuring this one out.)

11.) What is your favorite TV show?


12.) Describe yourself.


13.) What are you doing today?

no loafing

14.) What is your name?


15.) What is your favorite candy?

Negative Peanut Butter Twix

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Ok, so what’s on Jodi’s t-shirt TODAY?

Nothing. This is actually what is on Wil’s t-shirt today.


Either you get it, or you don’t. It’s a Simpsons thing. I would not get it, except for the fact that Wil says it all the time. (You know I don’t get The Simpsons) So when I saw the Glarkware Limited Edition, I knew he had to have it. (Andy, you are correct, yesterday’s shirt was a glarkware as well.) The limited editions go on sale for one month only, go into production the following month and then ship out. That’s it. You can’t get them after that, unless there is a left over sale. Wil says every time he wears this shirt, someone makes a comment about it. A girl came up to us in the mall the other day, wanting to know where she could get one. She can’t get one. It’s SPECIAL.

I consider it one of my more successful t-shirt purchases.


One thing I learned in New York…

I am not a photographer. I just sorta point the camera in a vague direction and hit the button. However, I could hardly resist taking a picture of satan, now could I?

This is Michael defeating Satan and sending him down to hell. As if. What’s the with lobster claws? I don’t know. It’s a weird statue.


Before I cropped it, my mom’s hand was in the shot (vague pointing, remember). She was in my way. She must be a bigger worshipper of satan than I.