So I’ve moved my blog to WordPress. I did not do it willingly. However, when I was trying to upgrade my MovableType to 5.whatever, I begrudgingly admitted I was no longer technical enough for MT. And nor was I interested in being so.

I did this quietly a couple of months ago. I really did not want to hear I told you so’s from WP users. They are a rabid bunch. I screwed up all my permalinks at the time, so I sort of walked away for a while. Tonight I have fixed them. I’m using a generic theme until I can either recreate my old one, or perhaps design a new one.

I will admit that WordPress has been an ¬†absolute joy to use and explore. While my geek cred took a hit, in my opinion, I’m pleased to have something so simple and beloved by developers.



4 thoughts on “WordPress

  1. I briefly toyed with the idea of moving to WP, even installed it about a month or so ago. My “export blog posts from MT into WP” did not go smoothly though as WP didn’t recognize some paragraph breaks.

    So, some posts were fine, others were a massive blob of text that made me want to go “ahhh, my eyes”. So I gave up and decided to stick with MT4.

    • Jodi says:

      My problem was with permalinks. I briefly considered just starting fresh and then leaving an archive site up of the old stuff. But for some reason, that made me sad.

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