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Under Where

The other day, while I was Christmas shopping, something awkward and uncomfortable happened to me. And it occurred that this is just the type of awkward and uncomfortable thing that I used to blog about. And somehow made it funnier than it really was.

I’m not sure if I can do that this time, I’m rusty. Basically you can blame my attempted return to blogging on my underpants. Which slid down off my butt and down my thighs while I was shopping, hanging on only by the juncture of the two legs of my yoga pants. (I hate the word crotch. It’s ugly. Someone give me a better word, please.) Sure, yes, I tried backing up to a wall and hiking them up, but only a somewhat waddled trip to the washroom would return them to their original position. It was there that I thought about blogging again.

Message received, underpants.


5 thoughts on “Under Where

  1. well, then I would say we owe the underpants a great debt of gratitude-welcome back! I did note that your residence “north of the border” is reflected in that you visited the washroom…

    • Jodi says:

      Dude, it is AWKWARD!! I skipped out of a store to go the washroom. Hours later, I stopped by that store again and the sales lady said, “you were in here earlier.” Why she remembered me I don’t know. I told her that I had to leave because of an emergency.

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