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29 Days of Blog – L.A.P.S. BC

Today I started volunteering at the Langley Animal Protection Society.  While I don’t live in Langley,  I became familiar with the shelter during their Kitten Roundup a couple of summers ago. They are a no kill shelter with cats and dogs, and my favorite kitten cam, Tiny Kittens, is associated with them. I am now a Cat Care Volunteer. I feed them. Scoop their litter boxes. Clean their beds and play with them. All things I’m very used to doing. 

This kitten is part of the Great Catsby litter. I believe her name is Lindy Hop but I am still trying to learn their names. This room, with the kittens, has a livestream cam, so you can watch them! Lindy Hop, whom you can tell has a lot of floof potential, was the only kitten who could sit still long enough for a photo. I had kittens crawling all over me. Ten, I believe. Let’s see, 4 tabbies, 3 cow kitties, and 3 black. Yup, ten. 


29 Days of Blog – I’m pretty sure Grandma would have made it home fine if you’d given her a ride xmas eve.

Since I am listening to a streaming Classic Christmas radio station on the Apple TV, I’ve already lost The Little Drummer Boy Challenge. But that’s ok, because that’s not the worst xmas song in my book. It’s that god damn kid who claims to have seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus. First of all, mind your own beeswax, kid. There one of two scenarios here. Either one will lead you to disappointment if you keep investigating this. Second, snitches get stitches. I’m just satin’.

29 Days of Blog, Sims 3

29 Days of Blog – Very Very Vexing 

Yesterday my sims game came a gigantic standstill. My Ultimate Sim, Ana, was so broken she couldn’t leave the house. I was up until 4 am trying to fix it. I’ve been working on this challenge for MANY MANY MONTHS. In all caps. It was beyond frustrating. Test games proved that even new games, with one sim, In a tiny house, were still running at a snail’s pace. 

So today….complete removal and reinstall. I’ve been working on this since 10:30. It’s 8:43 as I type this. Ok, there was a nap in there. But still. The sims 3 is a P.I.T.A. to reinstall. And with close to a 1,000 pieces of custom content, and many more? Oh vey. I’m still unsure whether Ana is going to be ok. If she’s not, I will cry. 

All that and I still like the Sims 3 better than the Sims 4.

(That top pic is Ana’s face while she blows up old dishwashers. I love her.)


29 Days of Blog – How do you like these specific apples?

I’m no food photographer. Or any kind of photographer. But I can chop some apples.

I decided to try to make apple cider in my slow cooker today, with a recipe found on Pinterest. Basically 5 tart apples, 5 sweet, one peeled orange, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, water to cover, turn on low and cook all day. Voilà!

The problem is, it’s a bit bitter. I don’t know if it’s the apple quality, I used Granny Smith and Gala. But they were pretty small. I just added some more sugar, it’s going to percolate a bit. I’ll let you know, tomorrow how it turns out. 

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29 Days of Blog – A 31 Days of Poll

So in December, I am going to watch a Christmas movie every day for the first 25 Days, and all the Harry Potter Movies between Boxing Day and New Years Eve. I know I will be watching Elf, Just Friends, and Scrooged, three of my favorites. But I’m looking for suggestions for other films. 

What are your favorite holiday movies? Bonus points for New Year’s Movies because I doubt it will take me from the 26 to the 31st to watch all the Harry Potter Movies, I tend to binge those when I watch them. I love the magical world of Hogwart’s.

Sims 3

29 Days of Blog – A Story Mostly in Pictures. 

So they got married. And like most weddings, it was a bunch of worry and stress and money. But….love. 

Then moved to a new town, and Ana became a witch and went back to school for her third degree. She decided that she would try the sorority. It didn’t really work out. They thought she was weird and nerdy. 

So after her last final she had a massive, epic kegger, invited lots of cute nerds, and turned her sorority sisters into toads. 

And here is how the party ended, shortly before dawn:



 The end.