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Bonus points if you know who JP Patches is.

Well, the snow did it’s best to prevent me from coming up here, but it finally warmed up and stuff started melting off. You would think that it wouldn’t matter that much, as I am on I-5 the entire way, and SURELY I-5 has been plowed since Monday’s storm. Surely. But you’d be wrong. I guess Nobody cared about the last 10 miles of the United States. It was actually a bit shocking. Because i was driving 70 miles an hour, like everyone else, to hit all these patches of frozen snow. Bastards.

Wil is sick. It’s very sad. He has a bad cold. Last night I made him take some nighttime cold meds, as he had not been able to sleep the last two nights. And I made him go to bed at 9 pm. I wasn’t the slightest bit sleepy. The only problem was, Jack and her sister Hazel were here too, and they had to go to bed as well, they have school this morning. So there was no place for me to go. Wil asleep in the bedroom. The girls asleep in the living room. I suppose I could have hung out in the bathroom.

So I lied in bed and thought, and composed brilliant emails and blog posts that are now lost to the wind. To the best of my recollection, these are some of the things I thought about:

  • Veronica Mars
  • bunk beds
  • jersey knit sheets
  • laundry
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • J.P. Patches
  • Linens N’ Things
  • playing house
  • Christmas
  • kittens
  • Momo and Pru
  • Dijon chicken and rice.
  • pillow top mattresses
  • filing systems
  • border agents
  • WoW
  • boxers
  • orange juice
  • Australia
  • Banff
  • blogging
  • my friend Karyn
  • ergonomics
  • home offices
  • swimming
  • dolphins
  • the ability to suck someone else’s sickness out them with your mind
  • and, of course, snow.

I’m happy to say, that since Wil got about 10 hours of sleep, he’s doing much better. He seems perkier, albeit still congested and coughy.


4 thoughts on “Bonus points if you know who JP Patches is.

  1. perry says:

    Yes, sadly I remember JP Patches, he’s not still on air is he?
    I am sure that they don’t plow near any of the US – Canada Border Crossing in an attempt to convince Americans that there is nothing North of the 49th Parallel but snow and to convince Canadians that it really isn’t all palm trees and pineapples due south.
    Glad to hear you are braving the Great White North for the cause of love. I knew you were a hopeful romantic inside!

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