Random Stuff

I’m just all about joining the blogging games now.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but several months ago, Pru quit using the litter box. She will pee on a puppy pee pad. And, when we are lucky, she poops there as well. My cat is toothless and voids her bowels wherever she wants. It’s like having an infant.

I sole this from Delmer. The Telegraph ran a poll, rating men of different nationalities on their skills as lovers. 

All the immigration hassle makes sense now, eh? Git it, I said “eh” because I live in Canada now. (Don’t worry, American men, it’s just a stupid poll. From Europe! It’s not your skills as a lover, but rather our foreign policies that are to blame.)

The author of the book I reviewed on Satan’s Bookclub, Frank Portman, linked to me, well, SBC, from his blog. I feel all warm and fuzzy.

I am thoroughly enjoying this season of House, as naturally I would. Has anyone checked out Modern Family? It’s hilarious.