Take me home I-5.

I wasn’t back in the states more than 20 minutes before I was asking myself why I left in the first place. Oh yeah, fell in love with a boy. Man, I sure do love it here. I haven’t even travelled across the bridge to Seattle proper yet. Been spending most of my time in the Woodinville – Bothell – Kirkland area. So gorgeous. All the evergreens mixed with fall foliage.

The one thing that would make it perfect is for a certain boy to be down here with me. And the kittens.

Going here helped.


I decided that the best way I could help my cousin Kirsten through this horrible time was to ease her spirit a bit. And make sure she has baby soft skin. So I am taking her to the naked lady spa on Tuesday. Where she has permission to cry all she wants to while she soaks in a hot pool for 45 minutes before someone spends another 45 minutes scrubbing the sadness and death off her. Even the sadness hiding in her butt crack. I don’t know, maybe that’s not what most people would do for a grieving widow. But it sounded appropriate to me.

Ok, yes, I get to go as well. But I might have some sadness hiding in my butt crack too.