Here are my New Year’s Resolutions

Ah New Year’s Day. A day in which to make all sorts of new promises to yourself. Neat.

I made five resolutions this year. They are as follows.

  • Live like we are broke because we are. (Better chance of becoming non-broke that way.)
  • Eat more fruit and drink more water.
  • Private
  • Start the year with clean towels. ( I made that one while the towels were in the dryer last night and I like to have something to check off.)
  • Update the books I read on my Goodreads shelf.

I figure: keep it simple. Towels? Check. Books updated? One read this year so far, two currently reading. Check.

Ok, I have a ton of UNOFFICIAL resolutions. But if you don’t keep those, it doesn’t count. Because they are UNOFFICIAL. duh.