Some bad habits I’ve picked in the New Year

I realize it’s only Jan. 3rd, but when it comes to bad habits, I’m aces.

1. Drinking diet pepsi straight from the 2 liter bottle. To be fair, Wil is not drinking diet pepsi right now. And I really do not like dirtying a glass for no reason. I call it efficient and GREEN. Wil calls it White Trash.

2. We Farm and We City. I never played Farmville, but I am guessing this is a similar idea. I play it on my iPad, but I get push notifications on my iphone when it’s time to harvest my crops, send an animal to the fair, or ship my cans of soda. I spend a lot of time downloading free partner aps and deleting them to get free coin/gold. It’s all about the coinage/gold, kids.

3. I’ve become nocturnal again. Went to bed at 7am. So easy to do, so hard to get back to normal.

So to hell with resolutions, let’s celebrate anti-resolutions!

What are your anti-resolutions?

Don’t have any yet? Lollygagger.