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Don’t freak out…

but I actually have the jodicam up. It’s day one of NaNoWriMo, and I’ve cleaned off my desk and getting down to business. Unfortunately, Pru just got down to business in the litter box behind me, so I might have to step out for a minute.

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Pet show and tell.

I was responding to Delmer’s comment below, when I decided my responding comment was long enough to be a post. With pictures.

Q: I’m curious … is your cat named for Phoebe from Catcher in the Rye.

Based on what a person might gather from your blog-persona, it would make sense.

A: it was actually my bunny who was named Phoebe. She died 4 years ago this summer, which broke my heart, but she was the coolest bunny ever. And that is precisely what i tell people when they asked why i named her Phoebe. People thought it was because of either Friends, or that show about the witches, Charmed. But in truth, I got the name from the book. But we mostly called her The B.


Of course, if I name my daughter Phoebe, I will say it’s after my bunny, and not some book. 🙂

Prudence, my cat, I named after a rag doll I had when I was a kid, that my grandmother used to try to steal from me, telling me that Prudence would rather live with HER. Which I never believed. My Moür Moür was a terrible liar, and her daughter didn’t raise no fool. But again, people think I named her from that Charmed show. I didn’t even know there was a Phoebe and a Pru on that show until after I got my cat. Never watched it.


And as long as well are talking pets, here is the dog who is responsible for me liking quiet, sweet, lazy dogs. … Bunker. We had him for 17 years.


Look at me! I have devil eyes!


Bugs make a fine pet: Spiders


A week or so ago I walked into the bathroom to see a ENORMOUS spider in my bathtub. It was trying it’s 8 legged best to get out, but kept sliding down. Luckily, I had taken a shower the night before. I don’t like spiders. I’ve been fearing them for, oh… as long as I can remember. [side note: have you noticed that spiders are less scary when they are lower than you, like on the bottom of the tub, vs. up higher than you, like the corner of the shower, where they jump down upon your neck, bite you, and kill you dead?] So I did the smart thing.

“Baby Kitty! Pruuuu. Pruuuudence! Baby Kitty! Pruuuuuu!! Help me please!”

It took her about five minutes to amble in, because I had already fed her breakfast, so there was no need for her to pretend that she was obeying me.

“What?” her little kitty face expressed.

“That! Look! No, over here, in the bathtub.. no, not the sink, get over here… never mind, I’ll lift you. See? See the spider? Git it! Go git it!”

To her credit, Pru did stand on the edge of the tub and make her little hunting kitty yips. Then she jumped down into the tub, and proceeded to sit there watching the spider crawl all around her. I told her I wanted it “taken care of” by the time I got home from work.

When I got home, there was the spider, in the bathtub. He was very still, and looked a little peeked. But upon poking at him with a barrette, I found he was just a little worse for wear.

“Pru, what’s up with this? You were supposed to take care of him.”

“hmmm… oh, that’s Nigel. I’m keeping him. He’s fun.”

“You’ve named him Nigel?”

“Yup… we’re only making plans.. . for Nigel.”

Pru hopped down into the tub and started batting Nigel around a bit. I was actually starting to feel sorry for it. She was playing with her food. Brutal.

I came back later to find, unlike some cats, Pru does not eat bugs. She only beats them to death. Slowly. Over several hours. I gave Nigel a water burial.


Currently, I have a little pet spider that lives on, not in, my car. She’s a tiny golden spider I have named Trixie. And she lives around the windshield. Every morning, when I am driving to work, I think that surely she has found somewhere safer to live. But no, she comes crawling out onto the glass, and waves a little leg at me. She’s learned not to get caught up there when I get on the freeway, however. That makes her curl up into a tight little ball. Poor thing. She gets under cover now, when I start to drive fast.

Trixie is free to live on my car, as long as she doesn’t come in, we are good. I kinda like saying “hi!” to her in the mornings.

In the next installment of Bugs Make a Fine Pet, we’ll talk about my three pet bees who were mysteriously beenapped from my porch. Never to return. I still miss them. After that, I’m done with the bugs because I don’t really like them very much.


Still sweetie if you want to know how to peck a dwarf on the cheek as he’s walking out of the house to the disco in your dress , then I’m your girl.

Pru sleeps around. She rotates her favorite sleeping spot every week or two. Sometimes its with me, then it will be on the purple chair, then maybe it’s on the bed again, only this time only at the foot of the bed, or maybe it’s on my bed again but she has to actually sleep ON me. Then she’s off again to god only knows where for a week or so. No matter where she sleeps, however, she always ends up on the bed, usually on me, in the morning, while she waits for me to get up.

Last night, she decided it was time to sleep with me again. This morning I found her resting on me, in such a manner, that her fluffy tail would swish back and forth, ever so lightly, on my cheek. That’s how I woke up. I told her it was not even 6 am but she just looked at me with that “What? Oh, I’m a cat, I can’t tell time, all I know is the sun is up and that means morning. And morning means breakfast! But if it’s too early, you go back to sleep. Unless, that is, now that you are awake you realize you have to get up to go the bathroom anyway.” look.

You can try to roll over to knock her off, but she’ll just climb back on and stretch out on your face or something. Very subtle.


Today is May 25th!

And that means it is Pru’s Birthday! Happy 3rd birthday, baby-kitty!


She looks squinty there because of the pre-flash. You can either have squinty “i’m so cool” cat eyes which are green. Or her normal big round eyes which are DEMONIC RED!!

For example… the day I brought her home. She’s only 12 weeks old here. And she’s not scared, she just has big round green eyes. [any excuse to post kitten pictures] Obviously didn’t need any flash that day.



Older kitten, saving me from my shoes. I’m actually recovering from surgery here when I took these, so I didn’t need shoes anyway.




I love her!


At work… it’s Amelia, at home… it’s Pru

“It was so scary! It said the internet was down, that I didn’t have access! And I couldn’t email and I could browse the web, and yet I was still chatting! I was chatting with DrinkJack… or was I dreaming? Could I have been dreaming? A booze induced dream from the Brutal Fruit I just drank?”


“But then…. but then, I restarted, and it all came back. And then it went away…then I repaired permissions… and it’s back

“Only one bottle? God you suck when you are drinking.”

“Hey… don’t put limitations on my suckage like that… I suck ALL THE TIME. Perfectly sober!”

“’nuff said?”

“who’s a baby kitty? you are! you’re my fluffy baby kitty!!”

“shut up.”

“come on… whooooo’s your mommy? WHO. IS. YOUR. MOMMY?”

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All of the sudden I am sick

Like that. BAMF! I came home from work last night, and went into my room to kick my shoes off, I got a little too close to my bed and it sucked me in and under the covers. It has a tendency to do that. Pru was happy because she was looking for something warm and squishy to lie down upon, something into which she could hook her claws. All of the sudden I wake up, it’s 30 minutes later, and I am sick. Just like that. Sore throat, congestion, achey head… some stupid cold just came in and bit me.

I came into work today, but most people have requested I go home. Everyone stands well away from me. Except Amelia. Speaking of her… many people tell me that what the world needs now are bracelets that say W.W.A.D. That would be cool. I asked her what she would do in my situation, if she were sick:

“I think you should go over and lick the monkee’s phone receiver, when he’s away from his desk.”


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Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great….

Mark Morford’s article this morning depressed me. I mean, he’s still my new boyfriend and all, but it was still a downer. I came home from work, read it, and immediately had to go hide under my covers and hum softly to myself. Eventually, Pru came and sat on me, and I felt better. So I got up, took a nice long bath, got something to eat, and then watched Revelations. Which is about, naturally, the End of Days. So I can’t type long, because I’m going to have to go back under my covers in a minute. It’s a good thing I’m not diagnosed with depression or anything. Or have a bookclub in Satan’s name. ummm…

Today was my first Stability Ball class, the exercise class I signed up for, which so shocked the world. Turns out, I’m not very stable, kids. I already knew that. I spent some time on the floor…. it’s hard to not just roll right off that so-called “stability” ball. The teacher said things like “Now for you, let’s just concentrate on staying on the ball, we’ll work on form later,” to me. Tessa was on the ball next to me, but Louise was across the room, and she was struggling as much as I was. The teacher would demonstrate the next exercise, Louise, slightly behind her, would make a horrible “you are fucking joking, right?” face, Tessa and I would start to giggle, and the teacher asked if she was going to have to separate us. I think we’ve talked one of my favorite ex-managers to sign up as well. We need a fourth for when we partner up. The worst part was, for warm ups today, we did squat thrusts. SQUAT THRUSTS!! I haven’t done that since 8th grade PE class when the coach decided it would be fun to pretend we were all in boot camp, and had us do hundreds upon hundreds of calisthenics like squat thrusts, push ups, sit-up and chin ups. And then made us run. Fun. But eventually, he was caught cheating on his wife, the cheerleading coach over at the high school, with a girl from her soccer team, a student. So I guess he got his karmic payback for that.

Aaaanyway, I’m already feeling “it” in some muscles. Oh yeah, you really feel “it” after one of these ball workouts. No, you do. I’m not kidding. I’m already sore. Leave me alone, I’m headed back under my covers now.

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Go to google, type in “vibrator cozy knitted”

and look who’s number one!

and I don’t even know how to knit! I’m so proud. How disappointed people will be, if they come looking for a pattern. I’m sorry knitters! I didn’t mean any harm!

Distracted I was from finishing up Satan’s Bookclub. Intending I am to get it up on April 1st. Thinking I was that it would be 12:01 am, but realizing I am that it will be later in the day. I’m still looking for something I want to put up there. Don’t know why I started talking like yoda. The first sentence just came out that way and I went with it.

Pru’s freaking out, I’m going to go chase her with q-tips. Before I go, an ironic quote from Evildeb today:

“I’m going to put my headphones on!! You guys are so annoying with your talking!”

Now everyone leave me happy, positive comments and explain to me why I feel the need to document every tiny insignificant piece of crap in my life online? And I mean crap in a good way, but sometimes I wonder about me. You know?