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Confessional: Royal Wedding

I watched the Royal Wedding. Live. I was not intending to, before the broadcast started, I would have maintained that I could not care less. But it started at 1 am, and I was awake… and the hats were hysterical and fabulous. So I watched it.

She looked gorgeous. Her dress was perfect. Royal weddings are pretty grim and somber, but at least it’s not hockey.


Follicular Update

I cut off even more of my hair last week. There was a great debate going on, in my head about cutting it off vs. growing it out. I even officially asked the question on facebook. Three people replied, 2:1 for keeping it short. (Sorry, Ruth.)

I was going to keep the shaggy type hair-doish thing I had going. But my stylist, O, was feeling very feisty. He basically challenged me to go shorter. He told me I was probably AFRAID to go shorter. He thought I was SCARED.

So now, it’s even shorter. I like it. I love having short hair, it’s so easy! All I do is wet it, put a little bit of paste on my hands (hair paste, not the kind of paste you ate when you were a child) and finger come it. It takes SECONDS. It’s awesome.

With shorter hair, I find myself being a bit more playful with makeup, and wearing earrings again. Which is “fun” and “girly.” Normally I’m only “fun.”

Cookie face picture I sent Wm at work.

I talked to O about growing my hair out, because I do sorta miss long hair and know I will probably want to have it again. Mr Sassypants asserted that I would never make it through the rough stage. Little does he know, I’ve lived YEARS OF MY LIFE in a “rough stage.” If I want long hair again, I’ll have it, by gum!

If for some reason, this is all interesting to you – what I am doing with my hair, I’ve included pictures. Both of which designed not to fully display an honest shot of my current fat face. ( and both previously uploaded to Facebook, sorry for the repeat, FB) If it’s not interesting to you… well, I suppose you would have left a long time ago. I only really talk about myself here.

Geez, why so defensive, Jodi.

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Hoppy Easter

I love Easter because I love spring, candy, and bunnies. Oh, and brunch. Spring is a time of rebirth and I find that very inspirational.

Speaking of rebirth, I’ve shared this trailer on my facebook page and twitter account. But it seems so apropos for Easter. So hopeful. Like we could be on the precipice of a rebirth on a global level, as well as personally. It would be incredible to be live through a change like that. I desperately want to see it and hope it comes to Vancouver soon. The movie. And the change.


Confessional: Bunny poop edition.

I very much miss the way Easter was when I was a child. The easter bunny would leave our baskets by our bed, so when we woke up in the morning we only needed to reach a hand down to consume candy.

My parents used hide plastic eggs out in the yard with money inside. Usually coins but sometimes bills!

I’m going to buy some egg dye on sale the day after Easter, so I can dye the hard boiled eggs I eat on a daily basis when I am on Weight Watchers. (only the whites, pure protein.)

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There is a fine line between enabling and sabotaging – Wm.

Today I will be going to the gym for the third time this week. I don’t want to. I want, so badly, to find some way to entice Wm to just come home after work so we can eat potato chips and baked goods and watch Thursday night comedies. But I won’t. I’ll meet him at the gym and do my first week walking workout.

This winter was not our best for responsible behavior, I have to admit. Wm was dealing with the low feelings that come with unemployment and I was dealing with a resurgence of depression and, unbeknownst to me, anemia. Neither of us were too interested in keeping the house clean. I didn’t have the energy to make healthy changes for myself, let alone encourage him to make them. I could barely stay awake the entire day. It wasn’t pretty and the house was a pig stye. And the idea of doing anything about was entirely too overwhelming. Story of my life.

Then Wm said, “We are killing each other.”

That was upsetting because it was true. We were feeding into each others worse most unhealthy and irresponsible behaviors. And it was a real wake up call for me. I wanted to be something good in his life, not something that drug him down into my depression.

Ever since that day, I’ve been making baby steps towards making a healthy life for both us. Three weeks on iron pills has made a world of difference in my energy level. I’ve switched to a different antidepressant. A 15 mins of cleaning/ 15 mins not cleaning system has helped me start getting the house in order. We’ve both been working on better habits to keep a tidy house.

Wm’s been making friends at work, and hanging out with them, which makes him happy. Last night, I even went out with them. I don’t mind being the only girl. It’s cool. I need to get out of the house more.

I’ve begun to bring home fewer chips and more fruits and vegetables. We’ve discussed going on Weight Watchers, and the dietary changes I’ve been making are leading up to that. Again, starting immediately just seemed so overwhelming. So we babystep. This week we’ve started meeting at the gym after Wm gets off work.

And that is why I will not try to entice Wm to just come home after work and play Portal 2. Because we’d rather love each other than kill each other.