Just a small list… I could go on. And on.

For Meg Fowler, who is feeling broken.

Things I Love

Dr Pepper

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

gerber daisies

cherry pie

freshly laundered sheets

my iPhone

my cats

the laughs of babies

the smell of my new shampoo


Kermit the Frog

back to school clothes

back to school supplies

the back to school feeling of a clean slate

the dog whisperer


yoga pants from Lucy

my mom

the library

road trips

the san juan islands

movie posters

soft kleenix


my Keen’s shoes, all 3 pairs


my husband

blogging, even when I seem to ignore it

the sound of air conditioning

the sound of sprinklers

Grand Junction Colorado


getting stuff in the mail. not bills or flyers or such. real stuff from people I know.

OPI Double Decker Red nail polish

board games