Blogiversary: Now we are 6

Happy Blog Anniversary to me! It’s been six years now. Every time this date comes around, I have to stop and think how much life has changed. How much blogging has changed. One thing remains the same, I still use Movable Type. [yes, that was for you, Raul. :)]
It was my original plan to have a new design ready for the 27th, but my inability to settle on a particular design has made that difficult. I stress about it late at night when I am trying to sleep, how much I suck. And then I remember, no one is the boss of me. I can do what I want. And I laugh the laugh of the lazy and the procrastinators. Quietly, tho, as to not wake up Wil.
Tell the truth, I think one of the biggest impediments blogging, for me, is Twitter. It’s made me lazy. The mundane events that I used to expound upon for blog posts, now, more often than not, end up in tiny little tweets. I mean, the other day a baby bird pooped on my head, while I was out shopping with Evildeb. In the past, I could have milked that for a good three paragraphs. Now I send out a tweet. I have mixed feelings about that. I enjoy Twitter, and I’ve actually made friends through it, which is awesome. However, I don’t like what it’s done to me as a writer. I’ve been stepping away from it the last few days, trying to let go of my need to compulsively read every single tweet that came since I last checked.
So… anyway.. yeah, a bird pooped on my head. A baby bird. I think that’s lucky. And gross.
Thank you for six years of blogging fun!